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This is the grand finale of the book that made me a fan of Warren Ellis. I really got into this WAY back in issue #3, when somebody (I won’t say who) fakes his own death and I was the only one who figured it out (deductive reasoning, thank you Sherlock Holmes!).

This issue raised more questions than it answered, in my opinion. While the series has been phenomenal, the finale struck me a little flat. There is a very appropriate resolution to the major conflict, but I feel like the interesting backstories we saw in the earlier issues seemed unresolved, as did the status of the “Guns” team. The two main super-people, John Horus and Tom Noir, never get explored to a large degree, and we are left craving a little more insight into characters (and their powers) that we will never see again. Through this whole series, we knew John Horus was complicated, but he never seemed like he was crazy. By the end, though, he appears to be start-raving mad. Just a little inconsistent.

The artwork is fabulous, or course. I was very impressed with a particular panel where we see the helmet of John Horus and there are multiple reflections of his real eye and his floating tech eyes that is surreal. Utimately, the end seems a little bit rushed, like too many ideas were being crammed into the final issue. We get a lot of dialogue during the climax/resolution, and it’s all a lot of “whys” and “wherefores”, some things that were touched on during the earlier issues, but leaves a lot of loose threads.

Story: Warren Ellis – 3 (very Good) OVERALL SERIES – 4 (Exceptional)
Art: Juan Jose Ryp – 5 (Superior)

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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