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Story by Howard Chaykin
Art by Howard Chaykin
Cover by Howard Chaykin & Jesus Aburtov

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

If you’ve been following my reviews of Chaykin’s Black Kiss 2 you’ll know that I’ve had a hard time following Black Kiss 2. The story is straight forward enough but plot is so muddled it’s confusing. I thought I’d get some kind of catharsis in this, the last issue of Black Kiss 2, but that didn’t happen.

This story has had no protagonist, only a lead character. I am made to think this because she is a dick eating succubus from hell.

At the final point of this story the succubus stops hanging out with her look alike pre-operative transsexual companion to take up with an older gentleman and the story ends. Maybe the entire point is a commentary on how being a whore or whoreing oneself out to a culture of smut and violence can’t ever have a hero?

I don’t really know, and I couldn’t find anything to like in this story other than the art. That being said, even the smutty pages are done with an excellence in skill that’s hard to find. It’s a pity it’s so smut filled that it really turns the entire work into something most everyone wouldn’t want to read.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Final Book Dick count was surprisingly only 5. Oh, and no one got their junk eaten or ripped off so that’s a win too.

  2. You did your self no favors picking up this series without having first read Black Kiss. Things would have made much more sense and you probably would have enjoyed the events of each issue more.

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