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Written by GAIL SIMONE
Cover by ED BENES

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

Earlier I said how the first issue didn’t stand out and I thought it was kind of bland.  Wow I’m eating my words now! What I felt that the first issue lacked,
the second issue made up for in a big way.  The first issue was a little slower paced, which is normal for a first issue. This issue was fast paced and packed with good action and great character moments. Gail Simone really brings her characters to life and where most writers have trouble using thought balloons, she uses them well. 

I love getting into the heads of these characters.  She has given each one a unique voice but I think she could work on Huntress a bit more. Also I haven’t been the biggest fan of Hawk since his return but there is an awesome and hilarious moment when he “comes to the rescue”.  I also love Simone’s handling of Oracle. Even though she is disabled, she is very empowered and has a take charge attitude. From the writing in this issue alone it looks like Gail has big plans for Babs.

To top off the great story is the wonderful art of Ed Benes.  This is the perfect book for him not only can he draw great women but awesome action as well. The fight scene between Black and White Canary was so good. Also I have to praise the colorist who I think is Mariah Benes. I don’t know if she is related to Ed but she brings his art to life.  The setting is in Gotham so obviously the color is very dark. However, she finds a way to use very bright colors that help to highlight the art.

I never jumped on the Birds of Prey band wagon back in the day so I started reading this recently with the relaunch. I wasn’t sure if I would stick with this but if most of the issue are as good as this one , then I’m in for the long haul.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Well said.  There are some really good BoP trades out there, if you decide to check out the previous volume.

  2. I need to get those eventually and I’d like to read some Secret Six.

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