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DC Comics webcomic experiment called Zuda Comics began with a bang when their first instant winner came out before the first monthly contest was even under way.  But when I first saw Bayou, I realized why.  Zuda makes it a practice to grant an “Instant Winner” title to certain submissions they deem outstanding and worthy of bypassing the monthly contest. 

When you read Bayou, the first thing that jumps out at you is Jeremy Love’s incredibility detailed art.  It is not only on par with most comic art, but surpasses the vast majority of what’s on the stands now.  It is not just Love’s attention to detail as far as bringing his characters to life, but also what he adds to each character.  He takes things that have been birthed from horrible stereotypes and uses that to present a fantasy world to us that lives and breathes because we recognize where his inspiration is coming from.  Love tackles the very difficult subject of racism as we follow young Lee Wagstaff who is the “Alice” in this “Wonderland” Love has created. 

Love also takes some Southern myths and legends and adapts them to his story.  I don’t want to spoil anything, but if you know them, you’ll pick up on them quickly.  Love is also not afraid to venture into a bit of horror with this title as well.  Characters are not safe from death and that makes it more exciting because you’re not sure what will happen next.  Love lures us deeper and deeper into this world and makes us continually crave more.

If you are a fan of fantasy stories, this one is definitely worth checking out. 



Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Sounds interesting.

  2. Bayou is one of my all-time favorites!  I just learned that Volume #2’s release date has been delayed until January 2011 rather than July of this year, & I am BUMMED OUT!  I got turned onto it via Zuda, but I like to hold the book in my hands, if it’s available.  Oh yeah, & I have to keep this one out of my 7 yr old daughter’s line-of-sight.  Even though the horror scenes are well-spaced & so far not gory, they are very creepy, & just not appropriate for her at this time.

    I understand that Jeremy Love has won multiple awards for this series, & he deserves every single one of them, in my opinion.  Bayou is a modern-day Masterpiece! 

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