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Grant Morrison is a great writer and a hell of a storyteller. Philip Tan is a pretty good artist, but he’s the worst storyteller I have ever seen. His artwork was muddy and hard to follow.  I found myself playing connect the dots a lot. I had to look at the panels that kind of worked, and figure out what happened in between when the art was just one big muddy mess.The faces were devoid of emotion. I couldn’t tell what any of the characters were feeling beyond what Morrison was giving us through dialogue/narration. The writing itself was great, but the art really destroyed the story. The extra dimension that art adds to a Morrison story was completely missing. So disappointing.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. I found some of it easier to comprehend after reading it again for a second and third time.  It doesn’t look so bad once you have a general idea of what is going on.

    I thought Tan wasn’t that bad when the arc started but this was definitely the worst of the three right here.

  2. I agree. I felt the first two issues, while a step down from Quitely, weren’t that bad. This issue was just offensively poor for some reason

  3. I can’t stand the fact that everybody has been hating on Philip Tan’s art I actually enjoyed it! I really hated Damien when he first showed up in Batman by Grant Morrison but Iam actually starting to like the snobby little psychopath and I understood Dick saying Zen Zur Rah! The reason he said it was to unlock Bruce’s Corpse while in his uniform. I really enjoyed Scarlet’s arc in this story and I enjoyed Jason Todd’s rant at Dick about Him actually doing what needs to be done to clean up Gotham City! I also enjoyed the fact that The Flamingo wasn’t some throw away villian but a real threat to B&R and R.H.&S!


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