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Written by TONY S. DANIEL

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

Tony Daniel’s Batman work has been met with mixed reviews. While he has hit some bumps in the road here and there, I’ve enjoyed most of his work.The latest Two-Face storyline is a prime example why. Batman #712 wraps the arc up while maintaining that old school, classic Batman book feeling. But you can tell Daniel had more in mind.

I love Daniel’s art but it seems as though his best writing is done when he has help with the pencils. Maybe that’s one of the reasons this arc has worked so well. This issue continues the story of Two-Face’s search for his recently returned wife Gilda and new associates, the Falcones. Batman is right behind them, following the violence and trying to stop the showdown he knows is coming. The issue’s writing moves at a nice pace but the overall storyline feels just like a wrap up issue. It’s hard to fault Daniel since we know that everything he had in mind for this story will never see the light of day thanks to the upcoming relaunch. And that’s really a shame because I was completely sold on what he was doing. But even though he obviously ties up loose ends with little pomp, the issue is still a fun Batman book.

Steve Scott’s art has been a perfect fit for this story. Here, with the help of Andy Smith, he keeps the same classic look that I’ve enjoyed. This issue’s art doesn’t quite stand out as strongly as the previous two but the action sequences, huge explosions, and cinematic feel are nicely done. Add Tony Daniel’s cool cover and you have another good looking issue.

It’s a shame that this arc was cut short. This was a great Two-Face story with tons of potential and Daniel obviously had big plans for The Riddler next. You can easily tell that he ran up against the wall that is “The New 52”. Still I’ve enjoyed this storyline and can’t blame Daniel and Scott for this issue’s flaws. It’s still a fun read and a nice looking issue.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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