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What does Nightwing and Justin Timberlake have in common?  CRY ME A RIVER!!!  lol, what a crybaby.  By the end of this issue, I was hoping he would switch from Justin Timberlake to Kurt Cobain.  And these new Two Face wannabe villians are rather lame also. 
Thank God the second issue of Batman Cacophony came out this week also (and I got a variant of it, aren’t I awesome?), or I would not be in a very Bat-mood this week.
I sure hope the entire Battle For The Cowl arc isn’t as terrible as this week’s story which is continued from the last issue of Detective Comics if you didn’t know that already.

Story: 1 - Poor
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  1. Man this review was hilarious, made my week!

    I didn’t end up picking this book up at the lcs this week and it looks like I didn’t miss out. I hope that this issue isn’t a hint at what is instore post Batman RIP (quality wise).

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