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Being a 2nd printing, DC opted to have the background colored red on the cover.  This helped to emphasize the parade of iconic mourners in the foreground that drew me to it.  Add the fact that it’s a Neil Gaiman story with Andy Kubert art, and I couldn’t leave it on the shelf.  I tend not to buy Batman books, but I’m a sucker for iconic characters in introspective moments.

The story samples from a variety of Batman eras, keeping true to them while wrapping in a surreal package partially narrrated by Bruce Wayne from beyond the grave.  Alfred’s segment was particularly surreal and brilliant.

The sketchbook section at the end helped highlight and cement the inspired artistry contained within (particularly in the exchange between Batman and Selina Kyle).

Now I can’t wait to read Detectve Comics #853 to see its conclusion!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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