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Story by Scott Snyder
Art by Greg Capullo & Danny Miki
Colors by FCO Plascencia
Letters by Nick Napolitano
Cover by Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, FCO Plascencia, Gary Frank, & Brad Anderson

Size: 40 pages
Price: 3.99

Feels more like a fallout issue, looks like Snyder was trying to play it
extremely safe with Bruce’s realization of what made him want to become batman
that he literally ripped off Millers famous quote word for word. Only difference
is that Bruce looked like he went through a meat grinder and instead of the
window breaking through the study there’s a futuristic sphere that
projects holograms.
Capullos art was great as always
Though this time around there was no risk in Snyder’s writing it almost felt

Yes Father, I shall become a…

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. “Instead of the window breaking through the study there’s a futuristic sphere that projects holograms”

    Wow. Talk about how to overcomplicate things and tear the heart out of a story. I guess computers and holograms are just too cool not to use? Feels like an unnecessary elaboration that removes the simplicity and poetry of the origin. Glad I dropped this title.

  2. I never liked Miller’s year one, as far as I’m concerned that book doesn’t exist and this is the origin of Batman I’ll choose to follow.

    • Also, having re-read the issue I feel like your review is pretty unfair. One small scene similar to Miller’s story isn’t enough to ignore every thing else that happened in the issue, or in the entire story so far. We’re getting incredible art and a more modern and edgy origin story with a better villain. You have your opinions, I get that, but I have to disagree.

    • Lol alright, I’ll humor you 😉

      Gates of Gotham was unfair
      The entire owls storyline was unfair
      Even death of the family was unfair.
      Superman Unchained was just Lee exercising his fetish for the hottest commodity today just to feel “relevant”
      Yes Zero Year has ALOT to live up to ill give the devil his due, but if you’re Snyder and you’re as hellbent on straying from the Miller route as you’ve advertised to be then there should be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FROM MILLER AT ALL!
      You either go big or go home, that’s how the business goes and I guarantee you that even Snyder will admit that this was not his hottest issue once its all over.

  3. And on a side note, the red hood gang was nothing but a gang of common thugs, no matter which incantation of the title you would like to refer to.
    The fact that Snyder is even questioning a possibility of the joker actually being legitimately crazy before the “accident” at the chemical factory thus opening the possibility of the accident “releasing the demon within” is about as asinine as Bruce going through 4 robins and a batgirl in the span of 7 years

    • No one knows the joker is even involved with the Red Hood gang up to this point. I’m curious why you continue to buy and read Snyder’s run if you haven’t been enjoying it?

  4. Yeesh.

  5. I agree that this issue felt redundant and unnecessarily complicated a simple and time-tested origin story. In fact, as of this issue I am done with this book. If Snyder wants to help DC flog its dead horse, that’s his business. This was one of the last life rafts in the sinking New 52 ship for me. But this issue just smacked me in the face with how pointless all of this is. Bill Finger told this story in about six panels. Miller (pre-crazy) added some nice dramatic flourish. Now we need holographic projecting spheres from daddy’s treasure box to inspire Bruce’s new persona? And WHY couldn’t he have the pre New 52 costume at the start of his career? That metal gauntlet on the cover just pissed me off. I just don’t need to read this. Feels like fanfic.

    All that said, if by “Miller’s quote,” you mean Bruce’s statement, “I shall become a bat.” That line goes back much further than Miller. Bill Finger wrote that one in the very first telling of Batman’s origin. You know… back when it was simple, so we could just get on with actual stories.

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