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Once Spoiler came back to the Batman Universe, there was a scene where Bruce revealed that he suspected she was alive, and that’s why he never put the Spoiler or her Robin costume on display in the Batcave.  My ex-roommate LOVED to tell that story about how Bruce seemed to be turning to the reader and saying “So stop writing shit on the internet asking why her suit isn’t in the cave, dickwads.”

In this issue, there’s a similar scene.  It’s part of Barbara Gordon’s verbal undressing of Stephanie, who she does not want to be the new Batgirl.

There’s also a few lines that would seem like throwaways if you weren’t reading all the other Reborn books (she wonders how Dick is going to move the giant penny that Two Face scarred).  And, while they’re interesting, and good for placing the timing of the events in this universe, they would be distracting to people who weren’t reading the other titles.  But, after this issue, I don’t think there will be any people who are reading this title who aren’t fully invested in the Batman Reborn story.

This isn’t a bad story, by any stretch, but it’s becoming the least interesting.  The surprise villain twist at the end is telegraphed  pretty early on if you’ve read any Batman.  And Stephanie’s narration is…unnecessary.  It aspires to be funny, or to make her seem younger, but it doesn’t work.  Again, it’s not awful, but when compared to the other titles, it doesn’t stand out. 

The pencils are sparse in this issue (and that’s a good thing), and the colors are very anchored by the backgrounds.  When the colors shift from green to red, you know Steph’s going to have to put on her costume.  And, so far in the series,  her costume moments are far superior to her Stephanie moments.  So, go red!  Or purple.  I’d love to see some more of those purple panels.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Personally, this and Detective are the only Bat-books I care about.

  2. I’m about to make this Red Robin’s replacement until I find something to replace this one with.

  3. I find myself skipping Batgirl and going to Manhunter. Stephanie just seems kind of dumb and easily distracted. I’m with Barbara, and if at all possible can we just rename the book "Oracle is Mean to People" and have done with Stephanie?

  4. Oh heck! I just realized Manhunter is in the back of the Streets of Gotham, not Batgirl! Well that just goes to show you how meh I am toward Stephanie, huh?

  5. @ohcaroline: Is there any particular reason?  I mean, as much as I’m loving the Batman & Robin series, I do think Detective is superior in both storytelling and art.  Whereas Batman & Robin is interesting because of the way the characters realte to each other, Batwoman is interesting because she, herself, is interesting.  Far more interesting, in my opinion, than Dick Grayson or Damian Wayne.  I think Stephanie is only interesting as foiil to other characters in the Batman universe: originally Tim Drake, then Bruce Wayne, and now Barbara Gordon.  This series hasn’t made me any more interested in her as a character.  It’s made me miss Cassandra Cain.  Clearly that’s not the case for you.  What is it about this book that so resonates with you?  I ask, because I do want to recommend this title to people, and I’d love to have something better to say then "It’s…pretty good."


    @CatEyedFox: I think if you’re skipping Streets Of Gotham, you’re missing out.  But I’m probably in the minority.  I do agree that, as of right now, Manhunter is a more ineresting story.  But I like the way that each issue of SoG is a continuity story that is told through the eyes of a different, lesser known Batman character.

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