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Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Gabriel Walta

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

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  1. Totally agree with the review, though I liked the art less than you did. The difference between this series and the actual AvX event is that each issue is moving the story forward and things are actually happening, which is way more satisfying obviously. Nice review!

  2. Your last sentence is the first time I realized that they really are positioning Wolverine for a big berzerker meltdown at some point. Just how long can he hold his animalistic side in check, especially if he doesn’t have X-Force as an outlet for that kind of thing anymore?

    • I don’t think so that Wolverine is going for “a big berserker meltdown”. Remender already said that with the end of his run in Uncanny X-Force Logan will go through a radical change. Whatever will happen there it will make Logan reconsider his beliefs and his position in the world. Remender stated that with UXF #35 a great chapter of his life will close definetly and this new path is something that every Wolvie’s writer in Marvel have to follow from now on. And also said that Logan will try to live following Xavier’s ideals because he fells that he failed him (and he did). But i don’t think he would be in leadersip position except being the co-Headmaster in JGS. He will change only his way of life (and this is a maturation of the character which is better instead of being an unidimensional killing machine)

  3. I guess I should say that I go against of what the ifanboy crew says about enjoying stories just to enjoy stories. There is a certain amount I have to enjoy continuity and the little pocket universes Marvel creates. I really think this story was a better explanation of Scott’s actions in AVX and I think this lays the groundwork for some storytelling that could pay off in the future… Before everything returns to what it was before this happened.

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