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Story by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by Teddy Dodson & Rachel Dodson
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

I don’t know. After CAPTAIN MARVEL #1, I was ready to like this issue better than the previous one, and I do, but…somehow, it still just does nothing at all for me.

DeConnick’s writing is clearly not as good here as it is in Carol’s headline book, and I’m not sure precisely why that is. I suppose they can’t ALL be your best work. But also this little story feels like it was artificially extended to be two issues instead of just one…considering what some earlier issues of AVENGING got in, this team-up could easily have been a single issue, and I don’t think much would have been lost.

Robyn (with a y for freedom) feels like a missed opportunity in a few ways. She comes off mostly as some kind of strange mish-mash of message and comic relief, and neither quite lands the way that maybe it should’ve. Here, as in the first part of this story, there’s way too much talking ABOUT her (mostly with Carol and the PMCs) and not nearly enough interacting WITH her. And considering that the opinions on both sides are pretty inflexible, these chunks of the story feel like a lot of wasted space.

This particular plot complication also has a tendency to interrupt whenever other parts of the story start to pick up some speed. Robyn’s about to do something pseudo-villainous? Cut to Carol arguing with a bank exec. Spidey’s in trouble. Cut to Carol arguing…you get the idea.

The art is fine…I like it, but nothing wows me. Giant characters can be opportunities for interesting angles and compositions, but nothing terribly adventurous happens with the visuals here. It’s very clean and safe, as art goes. It gets the job done.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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