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Innnnnnnnnnn this corner, hailing from New York Cit-tay, the Earth’s Mightiest He-roes… The Avvvvvvvvvennnnnnnnngerrrrrrrrrrrrrs! In the other corner, all the way from the island of Utopiaaaaaaaa, it’s the Children of the Atom… The Xxxxxxxxxxx-Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! Now let’s… get… ready… to RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUMMMMMMMMMMMBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEE!

Welcome to the post-fight commentary for Avengers Vs. X-Men, I’m John Coughlan, and I’m joined by my co-host tonight, Skip Pleasantries. How ya doing, Skip?

Pleasure to be here, John.

Now let’s get right to it. Even before that first bell, there was a lot riding on this bout from the get-go.

Oh hell yes. After the lacklustre Fear Itself, Marvel was basically saying, “No, no, forget what we said about that, this time it’s for real.” They promised us that AvX was gonna be the fight of the century.

And there was a lot of cynics amidst the so-called fanbase, prophesising that this would just be another flop that dragged on too long.

Well you can’t really blame them, I suppose. They have been hurt by Fear Itself and before that, Civil War, which had a similar premise to AvX.

For the record, I liked Civil War.

Fair enough.

You’ve mentioned Fear Itself twice now, and you’d think after that it would be a bad omen to put its writer, Matt Fraction (The Mighty Thor, Invincible Iron Man), on the team this time around. But he was bolstered by some of Marvel’s top flight writers: Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers, Mighty Avengers), Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four, FF), Ed Brubaker (Captain America, Winter Soldier), and Jason Aaron (Wolverine, Wolverine and the X-Men).

That is some heavyweight talent we’re talking about right there.

I was just worried too many cooks would spoil the pot, ya know?

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