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Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Adam Kubert
Cover by Jim Cheung

Size: 0 pages
Price: 4.99

At the end of this last issue I am left with the thought, what if this had been kept a bit smaller and given a single voice? Could some semblance of cohesion and thematic meaning been scraped together? All of the creators involved possess great talents but of the 12 issues, for my money, only Jason Aaron’s installments managed to get across anything that resonated emotionally. To this point, there are some beats, a few moments, in AvX #12 that connect but there is a lot of plot that needs to be covered so these moments are very brief.

The other good to come from the issue is that it does seem to leave at least some moral ambivalence. Cyclops seems to have been right at least on a certain level. I enjoy that while his means were reckless and indefensible, the ends do offer him some vindication. I also like that we have finally seen the end of a status quo that dates back to House of M and has been too limiting for the X-books for far too long.

The bad comes from the fact that this is very disjointed and messy storytelling, much like the rest of the series. The final confrontation comes off more like a highlight reel of a scene rather than a cohesive, realized narrative. Like the last issue of so many events, it has too much ground to cover and everything rushes by too quickly to give weight or room to breathe to any of its many scenes. There is also an art change just over halfway through that is noticeable and a bit jarring.

The ugly comes from Marvel having the outright gall to charge $5 for this issue. I didn’t do a page count on the issue, certainly there was far more than the usual 20-22 story pages but the number of pages is well beside the point. To jack up the price on the last of 12 installments is abusive of my interest and few things speak as ill of a company as being disrespectful of its customers’ loyalty or money. As soon as a company acts as though it is entitled to either it deserves to lose both.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good

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