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Our long national nightmare is finally over.

Actually, this issue was
probably the best this series has been, which is to say not cancer

Unfortunately I was wrong and this book is not going to be
easily filed away with no lasting stain left other than the dent on my

I’m not saying that the character that returned this issue
didn’t have a stupid death and that I don’t have the same feelings
about his return as I did Bucky’s and I ended up eating my words on
that one, but there is a big difference.

Buck’s return was at the start
of a very good writer’s long term plans for an ongoing story.

Here, it
seems like this return is just so the book force feeds us a lasting
effect other than being another forgettable cosmic cube fight between
cap and skull that had lots of deaths that were all erased in time for
coffee and pie.

It honestly astounded me that Skull was able to use his
cube to defeat the world and wasted power just so we would have the
characters in their recognizable costumes. Can you say contrived? I knew you could.

And, correct me if I’m
wrong, but the getting shot relay with the cube? Couldn’t the heroes
have used the cube to heal themselves or is the all powerful Deus ex
machina above such petty concerns.

This book left it so we might get a
new Invaders ongoing series, and if we got someone like Brubaker to
write it, I’d be all over that shit. If it’s something like Kruger and
Ross, I’ll do what I should have done with this series.

Try the first
issue and probably drop it after that.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average

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