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I would like to think that people are still reading this book. The nearest thing I can compare it to is new x-men (the comic that was basically ripped apart and re branded as young x-men). However lets not dwell on an x-men book and focus on this.

Avengers initiative has had some strong issues, especially issue 6 which could have ret conned the whole of the Spiderman unmasking during civil war pre brand new day. In issue 11 we see the conclusion of another storyline and as usual it is handled well, in fact I would say the writing in this issue is probably the strongest that Slott has put out in a while with these characters. The team’s characters gel with one another perfectly and with the new warriors around and some old school heroes such as War Machine and Hank Pym (???) in the background the story constantly has a pace that is balanced perfectly with characterisation and interaction and awesome fight scenes.

And these fight scenes are brought to life with great art. For a lower tier avengers book, the book has great talent on it and I’m surprised people are not picking it up. The art from page to page continues to impress and aids the story brilliantly. The characters are there for you to grow fond of but can die just as suddenly which is another great aspect of this book. You don’t know where its going to go. An example is that this issues villain is one of the initiatives trainees that died in issue 1 and 2.

How did that happen? Read the book from issue 1 and find out.

Oh yeah, its marvel and has Avengers on it so no doubt there are ties to that summer event thing, secret invasion… who knew?

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I love this book, especially since it seems like every year they’re going to be bringing in new people as the traineee class and showing the guys from this pas year in their teams in the initiative

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