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Written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman
Art by Al Barrionuevo
Cover by George P

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

My Wildstorm Universe experience surrounds the first 3 tpbs of Authority, one being the always praised Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch run, and the complete series DVD of Wild CATS the animated series.  With that said, I am probably considered nowhere near able to give an opinion on Wildstorm or any of its superheroics.  Which would be a true statement.  But obvisiouly a comic company want new readers and this book via its solictation screams jump on.  With the great wisdom of Ron Richards and gnawing nostalgia, I just jumped in. 

This book was literally the deep end of the pool.  This book has hundreds of characters.  None explain who, what, when, or why about anything.  It just hundreds of very colorful 90’s inspired superheroes jammerin on about a space ship.  My knowledge of a handful of WildCATS and Authority characters helped me get through it but if I had zero knowledge I would never had been able to understand anything.  I know from solicts that there has been many Crisis’s in Wildstorm but to say that a book that is a complete universe crossover with no explaination of any of the characters or current storyline that is in the middle of an obvisious aftermath of some earth shattering event is a jumping on point is ridiclous.   

I want to like Wildstorm.  Sadly, it seems like it doesn’t want me too.  Or it only wants its current hardcore to enjoy it.  Like Stan Lee said “Every issue could be somebodies first.”

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Sorry this one wasn’t new reader friendly for you.  I wonder if Wildcats #19 will be more new-reader friendly.  One thing I’ve seen in the previews for Wildcats #19  that we didn’ have here was a huge two-page spread that names each of the characters.

  2. Just some names of characters would have been helpful and I hope WildCATS does that.  I do agree with your review.  This is fast paced and a rollercoaster of everything.  This would probably be totally enjoyable if your a hardcore Wildstorm fan.

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