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A very fast-paced issue that gives closure to the current storyline.  It’s kind of like getting to that point in an action movie where you know things will probably work out but you’ve got that last battle scene to get through.  At this point, with DnA having one issue left, I’m not sure what they’re going to do next.  We’ve still got Midnighter’s side story which looks like it’ll be the focus of next issue, but I hope it’s not something that is resolved quickly.  Speaking of Midnighter, everyone will love the final page of this one.  I promise it’s something fans have been asking about since World’s End began.  Lots of things come to a head concerning Jack Hawksmoor especially.  We also get something cool happen with Cybernary that sets up things for the next arc.  If I had any complaint is that even at 22-pages it seems real short.  But like I said, it was face-paced action so even though we didn’t get a lot of character moments, we got some cool fighting and stuff that’s been missing from the pages of The Authority for a while now.  I look forward to DnA’s final issue next month.




Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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