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Another good issue by DnA.  Things finally seem to be looking up for The Authority.  Angie doesn’t have total control of her nanites but it’s enough to get some cool action with her.  Midnighter’s concern for the missing Apollo is very sad.  It’s definitely a different take on the man whose been called the most dangerous killing machine on the planet.  And the mystery behind what The Authority find in the bowels of The Carrier is interesting.  As much as I like the Incubites, I fear they’ve been overused in the World’s End landscape.  However.  We get a very cool revelation about these creatures that spices up their purpose a little more now.  And how it all ties back to the missing Apollo is pretty wicked too.  My only complaint is that the stories are still too short.  But this is the last issue to feature a backup story so that’ll change next month.  Overall a good issue, but it did feel like a lot of setup for next month’s #12 (which looks awesome according to the cover btw).


“Life and Deathblow-Part 2” backup story.  This is the final World’s End backup story.  We already learned in part 1 why Deathblow is alive again.  Well, here we learn what happened after Jackson King approached him and ultimately how he joined Stormwatch.  It’s not the most exciting of the bunch but it does answer everyone’s questions about Deathblow’s return.  So it served its purpose. 


At first I really dug the backup stories, especially since they were featuring Wildstorm characters we hadn’t seen a long time.  But now it’s definitely time to say goodbye to them and get back to longer main stories.    




Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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