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    Atomic Robo #6 brings the end to this sell out mini-series.  This laugh out loud mini is on its 3rd printing of issue #1 and issue #2,3,4,5 and this very issue have orders for a 2nd printing.  Brian Clevinger (creator of 8-bit theater) and Scott Wegener (art on Image’s Fear Agent #3 and Punisher War Journal #14 & #15) have a hit on their hands bringing up Red 5 comics from an unknown status.
    The conclusion of the first volume brings us back to the fight with Dr. Helsingard.  Helsingard suffers from being a brain in a jar but makes up for it with a giant mech suit.  Banter ensues with Helsingard blabbing on about world take over while Robo decides he doesn’t care and wishes the giant mech would go away.  This issue is the knock down, drag out, everyone fights and our hero prevails issue but the end is what you would call a twist.   Also, there is a nice short story about the origin of Jenkins, one of the Action Scientists.

    Atomic Robo does not end here Brian has reported to bring the series back for a volume 2.  The next issue will come out on Free Comic Book Day.  So there is no reason now why you shouldn’t jump on to this funny, over the top, action packed, and Hellboy inspired science adventure.


Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I’ve bought every issue (though I forgot to grab this one).  I’ve loved it, but don’t you think the series slowly changed its focus from funny and quippy to just a bunch of fighting?  The last two issues were particularly disappointing to me, as the first three were so darn good.  Still, this series was better than 80% of the other crap I read for seemingly no reason other than momentum.

    Nice review.  I hope that more people pick this book up.  Just not at my LCBS–I hope there’s still a copy left! 

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