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Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Variant Cover by Ivan Reis

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

Is it me or does this storyline feel like its taking forever? My difficulty here is that I like the idea of the storyline. Getting to know these different characters and see a team that Arthur used to be a part of is really cool, and the fight with Black Manta has been really interesting. With this issue, however, we sort of take a step back from the action to find Black Manta’s ultimate motivation. To me, it seems a bit late in the game to have such a big reveal, and I wonder how Johns and company will wrap up the storyline next issue without making it too packed. There’s also this trouble with Arthur being a dick the WHOLE time. These other characters have done nothing to earn such treatment from him, and if anything, they’ve proven both their loyalty and capabilities as heroes. It turns me off a bit from the character when he’s acting this way. Besides Arthur’s characterization, I found this issue’s story to be pretty good…just a few issues too late.

On the art side of things, Ivan Reis continues to draw a gorgeous book. Unlike last issue’s slug fest, there wasn’t a “wow” moment, but what’s here is really solid, and the storytelling is of a high caliber.

I think next issue will prove to be a payoff. I trust that Johns will tell a good story here because it’s not often he doesn’t do a great job. If anything, it should have some awesome action scenes for Reis to blow out of the water.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Lots of people seem to be giving out about the pacing of the book. Why does everyone want a massive big explosion to just rectify everything. I think pacing has been one of the best aspects of this book. We get satisfying pieces of the story each issue. We’ve now had 11 very good issues of Aquaman, we should be savouring it!

  2. It’s not that I’m looking for some big explosion, but I expect the story to move along and be exciting. There are plenty of other books that are able to communicate complex stories like this without needing 6 or 7 issues to do it.

    I agree with you that it’s nice to have a great Aquaman book, but I think with tighter pacing, you could have an even better Aquaman book.

  3. The first and last pages of Aquaman #11 were breathtaking, and everything in between was fantastic. I love The Others. Too bad that Mera vs. Manta was so short. It looks like we’ll get to see more of the creatures from The Trench!

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