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This is the little book that could.  As a huge fan of Coheed and Cambria, the band whose multi-album-stretching-story-line forms the basis for this comic, I’m biased.  I was going to like the book anyway, and given, the primary reason I enjoy the book is because it sheds some light on Sanchez’s (the band’s lead vocalist and the comic’s writer), therefore it can be surmised that a reader not familiar with the music of Coheed would appriciate the book less.  I won’t fool myself into thinking that any reader can pick this book up and fall right into the fiction instantly falling in love with the band and their concept.  What I can say is there are many elements of the book that are easily enjoyed by the comic reader in me.  Firstly, Tony Moore covers.  Sold.  Second, Sanchez’s writing, while not up to the level of comic greats (he is a lyricist at his core), has improved greatly from his early comic-writing efforts (i.e. The Second Stage Turbine Blade comics).  Third, interior art, penciled by Gabriel Guzman, and colours, provided by Javier Tartaglia, are rich and full of action and life.  The two-page spread of the Keywork in this issue is simply stunning.
I am absolutely going to keep buying this, and i won’t deny that its likely due to my unflinching devotion to Coheed and Cambria.
(Also check out Sanchez’s online comic outing Kill-Audio @

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Right on brother.  I can remember when I first fell in love with the band about 3 years ago, and thinking "man, some of these lyrics sound like they’re pulled from some sci-fi story."  Come to find out, thats exactly what the hell it is!  Claudio is a genius, and I really hope he tells the whole story of Claudio ‘the crowing’ in comic book format. 

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