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Price: 3.99

I’ve seen this top out at $89 on e-bay before shipping.


LOL I would never pay that much for this.


You might think this is a rant, it might even read like one,
but it’s not. What I’m trying to do with this review is share my experience as
a 20+ year comic reader/collector with you all. Yes, that’s right, I’m one of “those”.


You know how much this will be worth a year from now? $10 at
most. Collectors never hurt the comic industry, but speculators do. Trust me,
there’s a difference.


A collector is someone who buys books for his own
collection, taking pride in the rare and collectable books he or she owns. Be
it the first appearance of a favorite character, a major change in the status
quo, or  even a cherished signature on one
of the collector’s favorite books, it’s all done for the love of the stories
and characters or creators involved. Sure, a collector my thin out his
collection by selling some doubles or books he no longer wants, but the money
made almost always goes back into the hobby when he buys more books.


A speculator is some one who buys a book solely because he
thinks it will be worth something some day. Several people take advantage of
this, buy up every copy of a book that has a lot of buzz, and sell them to the
speculators for top dollar.  When the
buzz dies down and the price drops, the speculators understandably feel that
they got ripped off. It’s this phenomenon, along with high print runs and  bad story telling, that really caused the
market crash in the late 90’s.


This book isn’t very collectable, except to hard core Obama
fans. It’s not the first time a President has been on the cover of a comic book
(John F. Kennedy New U.S. President 1, 1961), 

John F. Kennedy New U.S. President #[nn]

it’s not the first time a President
has been in a Marvel book (Captain America 344. Probably not the first, but it
comes to mind.),


and it’s not even a first printing. The only unique thing
about this is that it’s the first time a black President has been on the cover
of a comic book. Not to say his taking office isn’t a historical event, which
it is, but as far as comics go, it’s not a big deal. This is not going to be
worth much in the future because collectors know this, and aside from the completers
who HAVE TO HAVE every issue in a run, nobody’s going to be looking for this a
year down the road.


My advice, sell it now while it’s hot. Don’t hold onto it,
especially if you paid a small fortune for it, because you’ll be disappointed….


As far as a review of the book itself: I felt the Betty
story was quite good, filling out the character nicely and showing a seldom
seen perspective of Peter. The art was also fresh and clean. The back up story
with Obama was pretty good, though a little cheesy at times, and I loved the
villain that was used as we haven’t seen him in a while.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Nice commentary but I need to pick on one thing you wrote.

    "[T]he speculators understandably feel that they got ripped off." Well, no. They might understandably feel disappointed in making a bad bet, or that their "investment" – which is a poor, poor word for a speculative purchase – did not pay off. But "ripped off?" Nay. The speculator who is not in it for anything other than a quick turnaround is not ripped off when he willingly pays seventeen times comver price for a week-old book, a price negotiated in an arms length transaction. No one is putting the proverbial gun to Ms. Speculator’s head with the admonition, "buy this book or else." No. These are willing purchases made by willing adults. No ripping off, here.


  2. If you buy the book like this just to flip it for a quick profit, then you are not a speculator at all, you’re the guy taking advantage of them. As I said, the speculator buys a "collectable" item because he thinks it’ll be worth something in the future/some day/down the road/ not a week from now….

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