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Not a fan.  Guggenheim seems to be trying to cram alot of story into a short space.  I think he writes a good Spidey, but if he picked the storyline I have to blame it on him.  Even for comic book characters the clones and really the whole main plot are entirely predictable and bland. Actually I don’t really care for the whole Screwball storyline either.  If it wasn’t for Peter’s interactions with the ladies there wouldn’t be much for me to like.  I think the art may have suffered from the writing.  I found myself quickly reading through the panels that made me say ughh.

Loved how Brand New Day started and I was recharged when MJ popped in a few issues ago but this had better get somewhere quick or I’m going to really think strongly about not picking this up, maybe.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. It wasn’t that bad.  I wouldn’t give it more then a 3 though.  Cool as hell name, POOPMONSTER!

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