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  1. I’ve been considering reading this book for a while now and thanks to your review I will definitely be adding it to my pull list!!!  Thanks for the recommendation!!!

  2. I know not who Normie or Mayday are. Should I?

    Whenever I title such as this, meaning a title which is just a Gender reversal of a popular character, I must ask: Does this book exists on it’s own merits? Or does it simply exist to placate a fetishistic desire to see our favorite male heroes with boobs?

  3. Mayday is May Parker.  Peter and MJs daughter.  Normie is the grandson of Norman Osborn. 

    Yes the book exists on it’s own merits and not just to have a Spidey with T&A.  The series spun out of the What If? series.  What If Peter/MJs daughter had lived?  It brought a new Marvel Universe dubbed MC2.  There are differences yes, like Aunt May is still dead after AMS 400 and they ignored the story in Spectacular Spider about her actually being alive.  Cap was killed by Loki, Jessica Drew never regains her powers and Thor never destroyed Asgard. 

    To be honest you can pick up a few issues and won’t feel too lost.  But you should pick up the Spider-Girl Digests.  They are cheap and I think are up to issue 50? as of now.  Back issues are normally easy to find of this series.  I stopped collecting for a couple years and when I started again they were easy to pick up.  Ebay normally has issues 1-100 of the first volume for fairly cheap.  There are lots of supporting characters but if one pops up there is always wikipedia.

    Some other good parts too MC2 universe are just little things.  Since May was born with her powers, is she a mutant?  A Sentinal found her to be "beyond the range of embryonic normalcy"   How exactly did Peter lose his leg in battle?  This is explain briefly early and more in depth later in the series.  Why does May have a couple extra powers and can’t sense Peters Spider Tracers? 

    This is such a good character book, even though some of the bad guys(and good guys) are kinda cheesy sometimes.


    DeFalco explained in an interview his views on the MC2 imprint:

    THE PULSE: "A lot of people characterize the MC2 universe as having an "old school" feel. Why do you think "modern" comic readers want to read something that feels like the best of the Silver Age?"

    DEFALCO: "We are “old school” because A) our heroes act like heroes…B) we don’t believe in  decompression…C) we tell single issue stories with subplots that build from issue to issue… and D) there’s a lot of action and angst in every issue."

  4. Sounds like fun. Sold. I’ll check out the digests. Thanks!

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