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Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Pencilled by Moritat & Patrick Scherberger
Inked by Moritat, Terry Austin, & Dan Green
Lettered by Rob Leigh
Colored by Michael Atiyeh & Gabriel Bautista, Jr.
Cover by Jose Ladronn

Size: 40 pages
Price: 3.99

Of all the books unveiled during DC’s new 52, this title has been the biggest suprise of them all. Gone were the annoying one shot stories where Jonah is in his 40’s this issue, and in his 60’s the next. Finaly we have a sequential storyline going on, and as Michael Fleischer showed us during his epic run on Jonah Hex, it is the long storyline that benefits Jonah Hex the most. After the wild ride the first six issues were, this issue makes a great jumping on point for new readers.
This issue is a change of venue, from the mean ugly streets of Gothan to the Big Easy. Writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti do a good job with the story. The dialog is crisp and the story moves. This isn’t the most original story ever told, but it is anything but boring.
The biggest joy to me is the Ladrnn covers that have graced these books and the very good art of Moritat. The artist has grown on me in leaps and bounds. The backup story was also fun, and the art by Patrick Scherberger is also very nice to look at.
This has been THE book for me for the last six months, and it looks like the streak will continue. If you aren’t reading this book, do yourself and pick it up, in my humble opinion it is the best of the new 52 hands down.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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