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This was not as good as last month’s Age of Sentry #2, which explored the metaphysics of Sentry’s reality. There we pondered the question of how much of Sentry’s retro-history is fact (more specifically, Marvel canon), and how much is stuck in his head? Here, we get back into fun mode. Specifically, the writers and artists (and I must admit I did not recognize these creators) effectively parody Silver age comic book writing in general, and the Superman paradigm in particular.

Two stories are presented. The first, which is entertaining, has the Sentry battling an overgrown Ozark hillbilly. The best part of the tale is in the interlude, after it ends, in which the child to whom the story was read points out all of the holes in the plot resolution, which is still making me laugh. The second story is even better. It features “Millie the Model”, in whose book the Sentry is a guest character. The story is one of those silly romance comic tale in which the female lead teaches the men how to better appeal to women (or in this case male alien to female alien). There is a deft sense of humor in this story, and it is drawn cleverly. An interesting side note – the story parodies an era in which interracial dating would have been totally unacceptable to the public; however, interspecies dating seems totally Kosher. Go figure!

I am sure that there are plenty of Sentry haters who will eschew this book. It will be their loss, as this is very clever comic book fun.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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