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I’m not entirely sure why this exists.  It’s like The Land Before Time if you had no idea what the dinosaurs were thinking.  No.  It’s like Calvin pretending to be a dinosaur but without the sound effects, or return to reality.  No.  It’s…it’s dinosaurs.  No dialog.  No narration.  Just dinosaurs doing dinosaur things.  Personally, I didn’t find it very intriguing.  I don’t think my six year old self would have loved it, either.   While there is definitely a story here, it’s a basic one, and since the art didn’t blow me away, I won’t be picking up any further issues.  I do applaud Delgado’s ability to tell a story without any words, but, again, without incredible art, it’s just a writing/drawing exercise, and I don’t really want to be on board for that.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Comparing this to the Land Before Time is pretty insulting Akamuu.  This book is meant to tell from a serious nature and science point of view what a day in the Cretaceous would be like.  Delgado has clearly put a lot of thought and study into herding theories, etc.  to make this a book that biologists would enjoy.

    The problem with this book is that it USED TO BE that this was the ONLY WAY to get this sort of story.  An artist imagining.  But with today’s computer graphics, this sort of work is more engaging when done as a 3D animated piece.  I’m sorry for Delgado, but Jurassic Park was a game changer.

    Some of the things Delgado did in his original series way back when that were ground-breaking, such as giving colorful patterns instead of drab olive green skin to dinosaurs, are now concepts that all dinosaur visionaries use freely.

    Delgado’s thin inking style didn’t help the book, but there were definitely moments of sheer beauty such as the necks of dinosaurs entwined, etc.  I think the "2" for art is a little low.

    Reading a book that has no dialog is always a special challenge that is hit or miss for many comic book readers…I liked this book enough to keep reading it but perhaps not with the enthusiasm of his earlier series.  I totally respect your closing line Akamuu and can understand why this might have been your last issue.

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