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I enjoyed this issue, despite mediocre art and some cliche ridden

I really enjoy Rucka on DC titles. He really seems to understand
what it takes to ground them enough to make them a spectacle.

understand that Chris and his partner have amorous feelings for each
other, but there really should be a way to write it without it feeling
like they’re in high school.

And the combination of art and dialogue
when Lois claimed Chris as her son made her the least sexy she’s been
in a while. She looked like a late 30’s soccer mom.

I don’t know
where it was, but somewhere between Queen and Country and Checkmate,
Rucka has lost his ability to write good military operations. Now it
just seems like every Tom Clancy adaptation I’ve ever seen with general
A angry and spouting stuff at subordinate B who is the only one being

 As for the art, it seems like it would work in black and
white with less heavy inks, but as it stands it just seems amateurish.
It looked like the ink was slapped on with a rolling brush and the
action didn’t seem all that kinetic.

Still there were a few good parts.
I really enjoyed the opening sequence in New Mexico and all three
protagonists seem interesting enough, love life aside.

There’s stuff
I’d change, but it is still fairly good.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 2 - Average


  1. I picked this up and and had no idea what was going on.  I’ve read the last six issues though..

    I’m giving up.  For now on World Of New Krypton is all the Superman I need.  I’m droppin Supergirl too.  Fuck it.  There is too much better stuff to read right now with all the Batman fun and American Son.  Shit, I’d rather read Punisher books right now.

    I’m out.

    Anybody want my copy? I couldn’t even finish half of it. 

  2. Yeah, the art was rubbish in this issue. It’s a shame as I like Rucka’s ideas and I especially like the Nightwing/Chris character, but this was painful to look at and not at all what I expect from a DC comic.

  3. The art was awful compared to the last few issues.  it’s a shame because it was the art that made me pick up Action again with 875. The story is okay but doesn’t seem to be moving along very fast. Definitely my least favourite Superman bought at the moment.

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