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Well the most delicious arc that Geoff Johns finished was over last issue and now we have an issue of filler.  Now I can’t complain about how this issue was written, I mean it’s Johns, but I’m going to talk about how much I disliked the art in this book first off.  I really want to get the bad out of the way.

I really feel bad for Joe Prado.  I mean for the last six months it’s like we have been delivered the best beer your heart desires.  Maybe it’s a delicious Bell’s Oberon with a splash of orange juice or a nice ice cold Guinness.  Now this month someone has replaced that delicious beverage with some harsh Natty Ice or unrelenting Schlitz.  It’s nasty and you don’t want to drink it.  Prado’s art is just downright horrible.  Faces look weird, body posture looks awkward, and overall it just was not pleasant to look at.  I feel bad for the guy because he had to follow up Gary Frank even if it is for a single issue.  God I hope it is anyways.

Johns of course makes a good story, it’s really fun for someone that read the older stuff to see Superman chatting it up with a Legion member.  It brings back memories and as I’ve said a million times before that’s why I love this book right now.  This issue was obviously a tie in to Johns Final Crisis book coming up that he is doing.  During the book we have a narrative box and it becomes abundantly clear who it is if you pay close enough attention to it.  Especially with what he does in this book.  I also liked the character interaction between Batman and Lightning Lad.  It was priceless. 

One thing that upset me about this book was that it referenced a story that IS NOT DONE YET!!  Granted they did so only in the beginning, but I find it annoying.  I’m shocked that Johns would put a reminder on the first page of such a travesty.  This is just painful to me because I enjoyed the Zod storyline before something went horribly wrong and I’ve now waited god knows how long for the last chapter to be published.  Thankfully that will finally get finished next week, even though each time I look at DC’s site it seems to get pushed back a month here or week there.

Overall this probably isn’t a bad jumping on point and hints at what is to come from Big Blue in the next few months.  I really hope that Johns is going to be writing this book for a little while and according to DC he will be along with Frank coming back.  He’s the first person since Byrne that has had me interested in Superman in a long time.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. The art was really bad in this issue.  As I mentioned on the forums, the Bat shoulders are ridiculous.

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