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I don’t know what it is about Superman stories where he loses his powers for most of it and then gets them in the last act but they always make me smile.  Couple that with the Legion incarnation that I grew up with and a Superman that looks exactly like Christopher Reeve and I think I just read one of the most enjoyable Superman arcs since Byrne’s Man of Steel.  Everything in this issue and the preceding ones has just felt right.   Not only is the art great and show off awesome character redesigns of a variation of the Legion of Superheroes that I actually know but the spirit of friendship and it’s importance in all our lives just rings throughout this arch and not in a hokey Growing Pains back slapping title card ending kind of way either.  There is a preserved sense of the innocence and conservative look of the early Superboy comics in the flashback scenes but it’s done through a modern sensibility of character subtext and depth.  I never realized it until Geoff Johns put it on the page but Clark would have been incredibly lonely as a child.   I like this blending of Byrne’s character changes making Clark come before Superman and how John’s is marrying these modern ideas with the old Silver Age story beats and events and looks.  When the Legion shows up it’s one of the most important things that could have happened to Superman in his childhood: he got to meet kids his own age who he could be himself with.  Seeing them now together, however many years later, as adults, it feels like a group of friends from high school or even grade school back for a reunion.  Something I feel modern comics have lost is the ability to write an all ages comic that will entertain long-time fans and kids at the same time, and if reading as a kid, teach a thing or two on what it is too be a good person.  Friends help each other, being selfish sucks, and flying would be awesome.  This storyline was a real treat from start to finish and I hope the creative team of Johns and Frank can work on something else together.  My compliments to the chef. 

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. This was my favorite book this week. The teaser pages at the end were amazing.  I want a Superman and the LEgion book if Johns is writing it.  The scene when at the beginning of the third act when the children realize this is the "real" Superman was amazing and I could have easily seen this as from one of the movies.

    An amazing book this week and the art was great.

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