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Written by Grant Morrison
Pencilled by Rags Morales
Inked by Rick Bryant
Lettered by DC Lettering
Colored by Brad Anderson
Cover by Rags Morales & Brad Anderson

Size: 40 pages
Price: 3.99

ACTION’s first plot arc concludes – with, of course, the two-issue interlude in the middle – and the conclusion could be more satisfying. But not what happens so much as how.

I like a lot of the little things in Morrison’s plot: the implication that there’s a greater foe on the horizon with some kind of large plan; the “little man” that helped Glenmorgan become what he is; the identity of Clark’s informant, “Icarus.” I, for one, like the origin of Superman’s costume, especially given its armored Jim Lee design. I also like what he manages to do with Braniac’s ship.

But there’s something lacking in energy in the writing that I can’t quite put my finger on. Hmm.

The art, meanwhile, is so-so. This series has been plagued by art difficulties from the start, with Rags Morales being consistently unable to deliver his best work month to month. I noticed fewer art oddities here, though since the “back-up” is sort of an epilogue to the main plot this time, the shift in style can be a little jarring, and the faces – oh, gods, the faces. The final spread of Superman flying away is just…unpleasant.

I’m still a devotee of this book because I like it a lot more often than I don’t. But I don’t necessarily love it the way I want to.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Agreed on that face when Superman flies IMO the camera. Goddammit.

  2. That was INTO the camera. Sorry.

    Anyway, I’m in the same boat with this book. I’ve loved bits and pieces but can’t love it overall like I want to. I really miss t-shirt & jeans Superman. Also seems like it’s way past time to replace Morales with with someone who can deliver monthly. The inconsistent art has been a huge stumbling block. And some of the art has put a giant spotlight on everything That bugs me about the new costume.

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