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There’s a certain smell that all Avatar books have that I find really off-putting.  Whether it’s their inks, paper, or combination thereof, I’m not sure.  But, because of it, I often wait for their stories to come out in trade.  But this was a light week for me, so I decided to flip through it.  And, damn it, I’m going to have to keep reading.

It seems to be Avatar’s answer to some of my recent favorite comics (Which I won’t tell, yet, since that would spoil the issue’s only turn).  While I’m getting a bit tired of it’s particular theme being so pervasive in comics right now, it was written well enough that I’ll definitely check out issue one when it comes out.

Oh, and, despite the smell, the artwork in this was nice to look out in a Luna Brothers work on a Marvel Noir title sort of way.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. The smell thing is crazy!  They are damn near gagging stinky.  I liked this too

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