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A month ago, I reviewed Abe Sapien: The Drowning #2.  At the time, I believe my review went a little something like this:  The story was ok, but the art was fantastic; something needs to happen.

Cut to a month later, and has my assessment changed?  Yes, it has.  What is really hurting this book, and it pains for me to say this, is Mignola’s writing.  While his more minimalist style works perfectly with the Hellboy books and the myths that run rampant through that series, it’s just not working for me here.  I guess because this is a book that’s supposed to define Abe Sapien, I expect for there to be things defining him.  I think in the 3 issues that have seen the light of day, he’s maybe said four words.  Total.

But don’t actions speak louder than words?  Yes, in the comic medium this can happen, and it often plays well in Mignola’s other work in this universe.  But where Hellboy’s action can make a statement (the man has a stone arm), Abe has always seemed to be the more cerebral character, his brains matching Hellboy’s brawn.  It’s strange to see him in this book where he’s supposed to be the badass.  And I think this would be an ok place for him to be, but I want to know what’s going on with him.  He’s got to be thinking about all of this, and that for me, is what will bring around the defining of the character.

What hasn’t already been said about Jason Alexander’s pencils?  They are simply gorgeous and Dave Stewart does an amazing job using  wonderfully washed out, dark tones for the book.  The visuals in this story are stellar, and my only wish is that the words could be on the same level.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I absolutately agree with Neb’s assessment of issue #3.  I started reading and immediately got the feeling that it was going to be one of those "silent issues."  The dialogue is sparse to the point of seeming absent, so much so that we never really get a sense of Abe’s voice or what’s going on inside his oddly shaped head.  I want to like the book.  I do.  But without more "writing," I’m now officially on the fence with this one…

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