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December 6, 2006 – Strangers In Paradise #86

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By Terry Moore

Published by Abstract Studio Comics | $2.99

iFanboy has changed a lot in a year. Before the show, the three of us weren’t really affected by what comic the others picked when it was their turn to do the Pick of the Week. But now, my choice of comic affects Conor and Josh because in a few days, they’re going to have to talk about it, or listen to me talk about it. Whether they like it or not. For that reason, Josh is probably breathing a sigh of relief that I didn’t pick the Marvel Holiday Special 2006 (which paled in comparison to the Marvel Holiday Special 2004). But after going through my stack this week, I kinda wish I had.

Advanced Spoiler Warning — I’m going to talk about specifics and could spoil the story if you haven’t read the issue yet. If you haven’t read it yet, do yourself (and me) a favor, close your browser, go sit down and read it. There is no way this review can do it any sort of justice.

For those of you you have listened to the show, you may know that I read my books in a specific order. I arrange them so that I read the titles I’m most excited for first, leading down to the ones I’m not that psyched about. Strangers In Paradise is a top of the stack book. It has been since 1996. Every 6 weeks or so, I got really excited and the first book I read was this quirky, sincere, amazing comic book from the nicest guy I’ve ever met. For the first few years I read the book, I almost didn’t believe it. There was no way a single comic book, sans capes no less, could be this good. It was funny and serious. Dramatic and poignant. And for some reason, it spoke to me. It spoke to my heart. I know I’m not alone in this feeling, just one read through the letter columns in previous issues will show you loyal and devoted fans around the world, so it’s not like I’m telling you anything new.

Today, for probably the first time in 10 years, I read this issue of Strangers In Paradise last. I knew what was going to happen in this issue from the cover alone. I just glanced at it really as I took it off the shelf at the store and put it to the bottom of the stack. As I made my way through the large pile of books this week, I had this nagging thought in my head, praying for something good to emerge. Some creative retelling of a story we’ve read a million times. Or some classic take on a character by an established writer. Or maybe an inspiring first issue exemplifying everything that’s new and optimistic and hopeful. Please, anything. But I knew I was lying to myself. I knew what I would be writing about before I opened the cover.

I’ll bring those of you do not read Strangers In Paradise up to speed quickly. The book has been about the relationship between two women, Francine and Katchoo. Francine is a homely, slightly overweight, not very confident wallflower. Katchoo is a brusque, tough chick who is a talented artist and sees nothing but the beauty of her best friend and confidant, Francine. For 10 years, we’ve seen them argue, cry, hug, kiss and dodge a vicious crime syndicate. A true unique take on the classic “Will they or won’t they.” Early in the series, a third element was added to influence a bit of a love triangle in the character of David, who fell in love with Katchoo. One of the things that makes Strangers In Paradise so unique is that the above isn’t that new of a concept. Except the way Terry Moore tells his story, the way he weaves the storylines, it has become the most unique and original storytelling I’ve ever been a party to, especially within comics.

In Strangers In Paradise #86 David dies.

It wasn’t a surprise, he had been sick. I knew it was coming, we all did. It’s not so much of the fact that he died, it’s how Terry was able to tell yet another touching and delicate story with a sincerity and honesty that just reaches in and grabs your heart and squeezes it. There was one panel, a close up of Francine’s face as she held a crying Katchoo and watched an ambulance crew take her friend. You can see her eyes welling up and yet a strength of determination behind her mouth as she held her love.

The issue ended, not with the normal letters column, but rather with 6 pages of black. Page after page of blackness, that in its nothingness spoke louder than any words could.

This series is ending. There are four more issues left and next May, Strangers In Paradise as we know it will be over. I know it’s happening but until now, it hasn’t been real. I’ve held out eagerness for the few issues we have left, ignoring the countdown on each cover that mocks my optimism. Just like I knew what has happening today in issue #86, I know the end is near and yet I choose not dwell in sadness of its passing. Unfortunately, today has been a bad day with tragedy at every turn. I understand things come to an end, that passings occur every day, that is a part of the cycle of life. It doesn’t make it any easier and personally I prefer hope and optimism of a new tomorrow. It’s a delicate balance, between that and reality. Tonight I’m facing reality and while I may be welling up, I maintain my own spirit of strength and determination.

Ron Richards
It isn’t so much what she does in terms of day to day activities,
it isn’t even what she says,
…it’s the way she does things

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  1. god damn each book leaves me feeling the way i wish all my comics did!! SIP has me emotionaly attached to the characters & story. & even though sometimes you know where its going like w/the new issue, mr. moore makes it touching & personal! i will be sad when this book is gone, but at the same time richer for having read a great & touching story!!

  2. christ almighty. I just can’t keep up. Every podcast i hear about a book that i should buy regularly along with a tpb to catch up. Powers, fables, strangers in paradise. It just gets ridiculous. I’m sure i’d love these books but I just cant afford so many a week.

  3. Wow, I realy don’t know how to comment on such a poignant POW, all I can say is that I’m sorry that SIP is ending, I’ve never read the series and don’t think that it would catch my interest, but it’s a shame when somthing that people like so much has to end.

  4. christ almighty. I just can’t keep up. Every podcast i hear about a book that i should buy regularly along with a tpb to catch up. Powers, fables, strangers in paradise. It just gets ridiculous. I’m sure i’d love these books but I just cant afford so many a week.

    Yeah, but the next time you’re looking for something new to read, hopefully, you’ll have some suggestions ready.

    If it makes you feel any better, I read a lot of books, but really, I just feel like I’m scratching the surface a lot of the time. But you can only do what you can do.

  5. Matt N- I felt the same way, which is why I started looking for the graphic novel/trade section of my local library. I have caught up through the first five trades of Invincible that way. I picked up Palestine last night. Last week I read Point Blank (a kind of Sleeper prequel) by Ed Brubaker. It�s been a great way to get a hold of all of those comics I hear great things about, but just don’t have the money to put into them. Although I am annoyed that they start their Preacher collection on the forth trade.

    Is anyone reading The Nightly News? This comic is pretty darn cool. It�s the story of media manipulating information, but also a cult of people going psycho and attacking the news media. The art isn’t laid out in panels, it is a system of I don’t know what. It seems like a series of posters, but that isn’t exactly right either. Trust me, it is pretty cool, I just don’t have the words to describe it.

  6. I havent read SIP either. But now I have something to get when I’m looking for something I havent got 🙂

    But Dave, I AM reading Nightly News and it would have been my PoW. And your right, there are no words to describe it. Jonathon Hickman is the guy behind it and he wrote, drew, colored and lettered the entire thing (and this is his first book EVER!!!) Cant wait to see what happens next.

  7. Muchas gracias for the library suggestion mr. graham. I’m definitely gonna try that out. Once Civil war kicks down(yes I am a slave to advertising) I’ll start gettin’ those new books.

    For the love of god Nobody should pick up Batman Confidential. Sorry if I offended anyone. The story was very mediocre and the art killed me. The way Whilce Portacio draws Batman is kinda weird and his Bruce Wayne pictures make him look like a villain who is a crack-fiend. BLAAHH.

  8. Almost forgot to ask:

    Was anyone else sort of letdown with the last issue in The Cross Bronx???

    I liked the first three so much I guess i just expected more of a dramatic finally. Oh well, it was still good on the whole 🙂

  9. Dave, I listened to an interview with the creator of Nightly News on Around Comics (sorry guys!), and afterwards I had to pick it up. The guy is a graphic designer by trade and this is his first project, but he tries to incorporate that into the book. It’s very interesting both visually and story-wise, and I love the little tidbits he includes.

    As a bit of a nitpick, I hate when people take on a character with mental disabilites and don’t seem to do any research, ala JSA. Borderline schizophrenic??? Schizophrenia is not a general catch-all for anybody that’s just crazy, and it’d be nice to see someone handle a character diagnosed with some degree of sophistication.

  10. What sis you guys think about New Excalibur this week? The series was looking like it needed to be cancelled until last issue and this one. It had some great stuff about the Juggernaut (my all-time favorite supervillain, now becoming one of my favorite anti-heroes), and some good stuff with the rest of the team. If they would drop the lameass Black Knight character this would be one of my favorite books out there.

    To be honest, it was so bad before last issue, I couldn’t figure out who was buying it besides me, and I only bought it because it had Cain Marko.

  11. I haven’t read Strangers in Paradise yet either but the trades are on my amazon wish list so here’s to hoping my wife actually uses it.

    I only got to read a few of my books last night but they were good. I’m loving Dr. Strange the Oath. Steven as an asshole works for me in a way that none of the previous characterizations have.

    Superman Confidential #2 was ok. Not great but better than shit i want to drop that I’m still reading. origins

    Invincible #37 was excellent. I’m so glad that I read the first 36 last week.

    Then I read a book I didn’t even plan to: New Universal #1 and it was really good. I’m hooked and I’ll stay on for probably at least 10.

    There are still many more in the stack that I can’t wait to read like hulk 101 and walking dead 33(i think).

  12. I listen to Around Comics, but I guess I missed the episode with Johnathon Hickman. I will have to go back and check that out. Thanks, Erick.

    Stangers in Paradise has always been a comic I was curious about, but never had the time to go back and start from the beginning. Sounds like it might be worth the investment. Since the series is wrapping up, how long before we can expect to find an a complete collection of the series?

  13. So I only bought 2 books this week (mainly due to a lack of money/lack of books I usually read), so my POW had to be either JSA #1 or 52. Lemme tell ya, I just keep adding ongoing series to my list. i like JSA a lot (I don’t get some of the older references, and I’m assuming WWIII takes place in 52 or something), but I liked the book a lot (then again, I’m a sucker for team books). I’ll buy at least the first arc, then go from there.
    Oh, and I agree with Erick. I’d rather have had them make up a disease than make him “borderline schizophrenic”… or at least have someone write it better than they’ve done in this issue.

  14. Nothing real exciting for me: Other Side #3 was probably the standout, if not just for the turn things have taken for the NVA soldier. Marvel Holiday Special lived up to my very low expectations (but I bought it anyway), and Spider-Man: Reign feels nothing like a Spider-Man story and I really doubt I’ll continue with it.

    However, if you read New Universal, flip to the pages where that couple are laying by the lake and tell me that the guy isn’t James “Sawyer” Ford. That’s shameless photo referencing right there.

  15. I read Spider-Man: Reign, and while I’m not sure Spidey needed his “Dark Knight Returns” (I mean, he does the TV News-as-narrator thing… and one of the anchors is named Miller Janson) I was intrigued enough to give it a chance. It’s been a while since Peter Parker was soul-crushingly depressing.

    Speaking of which… anybody remember the newish Marvel character Gravity? Well, if you haven’t been reading “Beyond!”… I hope you were not too attached to the Marvel character Gravity.

    When I was reading newuniversal, I was amazed by how much stuff from 1987 I remembered. “That name… he was Justice, wasn’t he? Wow. So that’s what my brain’s been doing since junior high.”

  16. reign: clearly the dark knight returns comparison is valid and very clear, but the story is good. I loved it.

    white tiger #2 was also quite good.

    hulk 101 was awesome. so good. the last page, holy shit that was cool

    detective was eh ok

    walking dead was really great and really gruesome but i think that it needed to be

  17. just got through cross bronx 4. It was ok. not the best issue of the mini. The story was good enough I suppose but not the best. I like the pencils and the coloring though. very cool

    also just read jsa #1. That was great. It was my first jsa so I have nothing to compare it to, but I really liked it. Classic #1 pick the team issue. It was cool.

    Overall I had a pretty good stack this week. I’d go apeshit crazy and say that Reign #1 was the best i read this week. I’m almost certain I’m going to get shit about it, but I thought that it was great. There’s a glut of titles tied for second: White Tiger, Hulk, Walking Dead, and NewUniversal. They were all equally awesome for their own distinct reasons. Invincible and JSA weren’t far behind them. I feel like it was a week where decent books seemed to suck alongside the others: Detective, Cross Bronx, Superman Confidential.

    I haven’t gotten Antman, batman confidential, and 1 or 2 others yet but I’m not expecting them to set the world on fire anyway so I feel pretty confident with Reign

  18. Oh, crap: is newuniversal a limited series or an ongoing? I bought it assuming it was limited. I’m not sure I can say goodbye to another $36 a year, even for Nightmask.

    White Tiger joins the ranks of Heroes for Hire, Ex Machina, and Cap as “titles I eagerly await in trade.” I’m not That Guy, but I am trying to become That Guy.

  19. Strangers in Paradise has always been an almost buy for me. I see trades and theres something else… Once I buy the first TPB I’ll probably never go back, will I?

  20. I just read JSA #1 and really enjoyed it.I also read 52 and Uncanny x-men, both were good.So far JSA would be my pick of the week.

  21. pretty sure newuniversal is an ongoing

  22. Jimski, I read Beyond! and loved it.

    What do you think they mean by “this will impact the entire Marvel U”??

    With the Inhumans being involved in such a big way it could mean a whole lot.

    How bout how they describe Deathlok: “Pacifist Killing Machine”. That was king!!!

  23. I have no idea what to make of the last few pages of “Beyond!” other than that apparently Gravity was the second coming of Christ all along.

    (Did you ever see that “Poochie” episode of the Simpsons? “I have to go now. My planet needs me.”)

    Only time will tell if all that pomp is the author’s way of saying he has big plans for the character (he just inexplicably killed off) or if that was just his way of covering his tracks after doing the deed. Like, “I have to kill Gravity or somebody to give the ending resonance. But nobody cares about any of these characters. Hmm. I’ll say Gravity was actually the greatest hero in human history. That ought to give the story weight.”

    Ha! “Weight”! And his name was Gravity! And I… heh… ohhhh, mercy.

    Anyway, I hope this isn’t the end of the l’il guy. I would love to see some more new characters grow in the big two universes.

  24. You know, every issue that came out of Beyond, I pondered buying it, but didn’t…

    was it any good? Worth getting the trade? They killed off Gravity? So that was like just over year of him existing? He was the only notable new character in the Marvel U. that felt like Darkhawk and that ilk that I had seen in a long time…

  25. I liked Beyond! (and you have to put in the exclamation point).

    It kept you guessing throughout and the end (although sad) was worth it. I’m hoping since an Inhuman was involved that it may tie into something later like Secret Wars or something.

  26. Hey Spoilers aplenty but there’s an interview with kirman at newsarama about walking dead 33

  27. Forgot to ask again:

    Anyone else pick up Dr. Strange The Oath 3 (was it three?)

    I picked this up on ya’lls recomendation and it rocks. Every page of that book rocked; even the update page in the begining.

  28. Yeah, I was tempted by Beyond! because of Dwayne McDuffie. I really liked Justice League Unlimited and he was a writer/producer on that show. However I missed the first issue and I have been too caught up in Civil War and Annihilation to add another event comic to my reading pile. Is Beyond! worth going into the back-issue-bins for?

    Marvel needs an anthology comic for characters like Darkhawk, Sleepwalker, Gravity, or Goliath (I guess it is too late for the last two). I don’t know if that was what Marvel Team-Up was supposed to be, but the only issues of that comic I ever bought were the League of Losers ones.

  29. While I am a big fan of anthologies, they tend to sell very, very, very poorly in the modern age.

    I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because that 80%* of comic book readers are too obsessed with continuity and anthologies don’t fit in well with that.

    * 80% is in no way a declaration based on facts, science, or math. Rather, it’s a guess..

  30. Is it just me , or is it really obvious that Supernova is Match?
    Remember Match.. clone of Superboy…. Slightly different powers.. about to be a member of Teen Titans east….
    Always wanted to be Superboy/Superman.. uses the name “Super”nova… hmm

  31. Sorry that was in reference to 52. They are still dragging out the who is Supernova thing, but I knew when Cassie thought it was Connor

  32. “Is it just me , or is it really obvious that Supernova is Match?”


    “Remember Match.. clone of Superboy…. Slightly different powers.. about to be a member of Teen Titans east….”

    Uhh, no, but that sounds like the best guess yet, Tolly. Good call. Wikipedia awaits.

    I was pretty underwhelmed by my weekly stack. I only had 5 books (I keep dropping monthly titles in favor of waiting on collections). I liked 52 a’ight, but it wasn’t as good as last issue. JSA or Detective probably would have been my PoW. I know Geoff Johns gets a bad wrap sometimes, but I like his stuff. It’s fun reading. And the art was good.

    I was most disappointed by the return of Manhunter. I have really enjoyed that series, was happy it got a stay of execution, but I had hoped it would come out of the gates with a bigger impact. I feel bad for Andreyko, because that story does seem like it was conceived to come out 4 months ago, and the post-Infinite Crisis stuff would have had more resonance then. Now, I’ve kind of forgotten about Wonder Woman on trial for murder. The Art Adams cover was great, though.

    By the way, I hope they put Andreyko on Nightwing. That may save that book.

  33. I kinda thought that Supernova was Captain Atom after he came back from the Wildstorm Universe, cause I mean he would have arrived back in the dcu around the same time as Infitite Crisis #7 was happening or a little after, and in order to do his superhero gig and stay out of the governments way he goes under a new alias…. I mean supernova’s powers are very similar just used slightly different…. anyone?

  34. I don’t know the DCU from my elbow, but i like the idea of it being Captain Atom, especially considering he has those “living up to potential” issues…I felt like there was a clue in his convo with Ralph, but f’ed if I could figure it out

  35. that’s actually a lie, I know very well that my elbow doesn’t have any meta humans in it.

  36. If you want to get to know Captain Atom, go pick up the Wildstorm comics ‘Captain Atom: Armageddon’, it’s a pretty good, lots of fun checking out how his powers have evolved, and yeh, well now that he’s back in the DCU…. but isn’t…. I figure he is Supernova 😉 although, in saying that, I haven’t seen the second half of that limited series, I think I had up till like issue 6?

  37. Also if your after the hints…. I guess the fact that Clark mention that he noticed he had an air of experience about him when saving those people, he has the ability to super heat the ground with an eye beam, flight, his glowy hands are similar to captain atoms glowing hands when he used to do his power beam attack…. not to mention the fact that no main character in 52 is appearing post 52 until 52 finishes… and, no matter how small a role he tends to play, we have yet to see a Captain Atom in the OYL issues 🙂

  38. If you want to get to know Captain Atom, go pick up the Wildstorm comics ‘Captain Atom: Armageddon’, it’s a pretty good,

    You didn’t finish the series yet huh Luke? It went like 9 or 12 issues or something like that and went WAY downhill unfortunately, which sucked because I had such high hopes for it.

  39. Yeh, I was picking it up before I started hitchhiking down queensland round may, and it hasn’t been in my store since I got back in august so I kinda forgot about it till today 😉

    I don’t know which issue it was… but the one after that engineer chick altered his dna, or helped ‘fix’ him, but it didn’t work so something… was the last one I saw, and yeh, I was really enjoying it, but I don’t know how it ended…. should prolly see about ordering the back issues or see if it’s in tpb yet :/

  40. on the supernova thing,
    unless I completely misread it, it seems that whoever supernova is doesn’t have light-based powers, since that fact through off Ralph for awhile.
    As for who I think it is, i have no clue

  41. I swear I’m going to read Strangers In Paradise someday.

  42. Glad to SIP is the POW. Based on the recommendation of 2/3 of Ifanboy, I’ve read all five of the pocket books in the last couple of months and they were great. I can’t wait to finish it up once the series is over.

    The book that really surprised me this week was New Universal. When I found it in my stack, I questioned whether or not I’d even ordered it. The guy who owns the comic shop I frequent commented that it didn’t matter whether I’d ordered it or not, I should read it anyway, because it was great despite the fact that it was Ellis, while he checked to be sure that I had ordered it.

    Not being familiar with Ellis’ work, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. Also, you can never go wrong with Laroca’s art. I’ve recently been reading the beginning of the current volume of FF which he drew and was written by Claremont, and they are really top notch.

    The biggest disappointment of the week was Supergirl. I had read other things recently by Gray and Palmiotti and enjoyed them, however not this.

    Lastly, JSA and Dr. Strange were both solid and it was nice to have Dini back on Detective.

  43. JSA # 1 was a great start to a new era of the JSA. Plus cute redhead heroines never hurt.But poor Mr. America… 🙁

    52 Week 31: The Atom better hope he never comes across Lady Styx or he will be superhero earing #2.

    I really liked the newest Supergirl. It was cute to see her out partying. Also a glimpse into the new Terra. I get a “future” vibe from her. Like “Legion of Superheroes” era hero worshiper who has come back to be a Titan. I like Boomerang in the book, but isn’t Supergirl still underage?.. Is he the best person to leave her with?!?

    The newest Walking Dead was .. well.. um.. I am not going to be using spoons for a while , I’ll tell you that much.

    My POW ended up being Welcome to Tranquility #1.
    Loved the art. I loved the idea of it all, and the characters were fun.
    For those that didnt read it, it is set in a retirement community for “Maxi’s” (Super powered people). Both heroes and villains live together in retirement. The sheriff of the town is Tommy (actually a woman named Tommy.. go figure) and she keeps a caring eye open to make sure no one hurts them selves or others. There is a small film crew there looking for a story and by the end of the first issue they have a doozy…. it feels kind of Kirkman like but it’s by Gail Simone. It’s humorous but not silly. I can see it being a really good series. Good characters and it’s a good idea handled with obvious care.

  44. Well I read the nightly news from image based on some posts her. It is good. Very different. I’m sure some of the Bendis Daredevil abstract art stuff had some influence here.

    I picked them up at Heroes in Charlotte. Boy have things changed. Took my son. He was in heaven.

    I’m going to be in Conn for Jan through March. Don’t worry I won’t ask where to go in NYC for comics. I’ve already heard it here. But I do want to know if Josh has any suggestions on vintage guitar shops in NYC, if you’ve been there long enough or have looked into that.

  45. I think Super Nova is Booster Gold, but I like the Captain Atom idea too.

  46. steven king’s dark tower ships issue #1 in feb. just signed up for it about 10 days ago

    should also be noted. it’s allegedly all in the can already and the hardcover will ship in oct 2007

    finally preparation


  47. Now I know all there is to know about SIP. You can stop talking about it now. Please?



  49. I’m inclined to agree that, without the following five issues or some knowledge of the old line, Newuniversal could indeed resemble gibberish.

    Suddenly, I’m remembering the Christmas when I received “The Pitt,” a New Universe prestige format book in which Ken “Sawyer” Connell tried to get rid of his powers and inadvertently turned Pittsburgh into a toxic crater, killing millions and millions of innocent people. It was the cheeriest Christmas read ever.

    So: how did I read Spider-Man: Reign and not realize I was looking at Peter Parker’s pickled pecker?:


  50. I missed that too

    but then i have a natural blindspot when it comes to old balls

  51. the guys in my comic book store actually stopped to warn me about that panel…and I was like, uhm ok…weird.

  52. Hulkman, I haven’t been here long enough to know where the vintage guitar shops are, but I happened to walk by a bunch of guitar shops the other day, by accident. There’s a Sam Ash there, but to either side of it were a bunch of other guitar stores on 48th between broadway and 6th.

    If you were in LA, I’d guide you to the place where they got all of Nigel’s guitars in Spinal Tap. That place is awesome.

  53. Believe it or not, but the first issue of Wildstorm’s Friday the 13th was really, really good. I had previously picked up only one issue of the Avatar series and it was godawful. I picked this one only becaue of Palmiotti and Gray and was very, very impressed.

    Also liked Supergirl for the same reason, as well as Amanda Conner’s pencils.

  54. Josh, what’s the place in L.A. that has all of Nigel’s guitars? I have a friend out there who is a huge ST fan and would freak out if I sent him there.

  55. http://www.normansrareguitars.com/store/

    I don’t know if any of those guitars are still there, but it’s a rad store either way. It’s also across the street from CD Trader, which is a rad independent used DVD/CD store.

  56. Thanks Josh, I’ll scope it out.

  57. Just finished reading Detective Comics #826, and does anyone else hear Mark Hamill’s voice when Joker talks?

    Also, has anyone seen “Comic Book: The Movie”?

  58. Just finished reading Detective Comics #826, and does anyone else hear Mark Hamill’s voice when Joker talks?


    Also, has anyone seen “Comic Book: The Movie”?

    I have not, but we were there in San Diego when they were shooting it. After about two days the shock of constantly running into Luke Skywalker (sometimes literally) wore off. “Oh, it’s Mark Hamill again.”

  59. Hell yeah, I heard Mark Hamill in my head when I was reading that last issue. Through out Dini’s whole run I have been hearing the voice of the character’s from the animatied series. That has never happened with any other comic book. Strange but cool.

  60. About Reign and Penis Parker:

    I read in Lying In The Gutters last night that Marvel is going to announce that they’re buying back any copies that reatilers want to return and reprinting it without the cock and balls.

    How did that get through editorial in the first place? I guess maybe they just didn’t see it. It’s not like it’s their job or anything.

    It’s not as bad an editorial oversight as the whole wolverine 131 we actually let a racial slur in the script slip through thing but you’d think somebody would see it or at the least Kaare Andrews would you know notice it while he was drawing it. Maybe he’s like isaac from heroes.

  61. Detective Comics freaked me the fuck out because of the body count. I was surprised it was featured in the book, but I LOVED it.

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