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10.13.2004 – Powers #5

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Writer – Brian Michael Bendis
Artist- Michael Avon Oeming
Inker – Mark Farmer
Colorist – Peter Pantazis
Letters – Ken Bruzeniak

Icon – $2.95

Ok, I realize that this is just stupid. I mean, completely idiotic, and I must admit, I tried, really tried to bring a little diversity to this little charade we call pick of the week. I read 100 Bullets and it was OK, but certainly not top pick material. Those were the days when it was. I read Ex Machina, and while Vaughan is up there, it was somewhat of a let down ending to me. I read Gotham Central as well, and it was real good, but let’s face it, not really an original pick. Then, as I always do, I left Powers for last, and low and behold, my socks: well, they were blown clean off.

No, there’s no denying it, Powers is about as good a piece of comic stuff as you’ll sample. There were at least a couple moments where I thought, “what is going on here?” and then after a page, my eyes got real wide, and I went, “Oh…” I’m not one for shock. I could care less about moments written for shock, but sometimes, when they’re done in such a way that it serves the story, and you believe that this happens because that’s what the characters of a world would do, rather than a writer thinking it will really surprise people, shock is OK. To figure out what I’m talking about, you’ll have to read it, because I’m not even going to begin trying to explain it, but I will leave my laments to that poor bastard hanging in the bathroom.

Then there was this exhange:

“It…Hey, it was a consensual act between two grown adults!”

“He’s dead”

“No, I mean before he died, it was–”

“Shut up!”

I mean that’s badass writing. That’s the creation of a world so twisted and horrible, but at the same time, sadly believable. It’s harsh, like a show about prison rape, and we all love those.

And while we often give Bendis a lot of credit, and lord knows he doesn’t mind taking it, let’s have a hand for Michael Avon Oeming. As luck would have it, they needed both creators of the book to have three names, so we lucked out with Oeming. His art is literally striking. It’s not even close to photorealistic, but I defy you to show me an artist better suited for this book. With simple minimal strokes, he shows us a pair of eyes which convey more emotion, and more telling looks than most of our biggest actors can muster. His eyes convey fear, anxiety, anger, loathing, concern, and just about anything they need to do. So many artists wish they could render emotion that simply and effectively.

And…… I’m spent.

Josh Flanagan
Sometimes the pick picks me
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  1. I liked this write up….

    and no one commented.

    Therefore I am unchallenged!

  2. Powers was indeed excellent. At first I thought that Bendis went too far, but then when they revealed the twist I was satisfied with the Oz-level grisliness.

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