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10.01.03 – Powers #34

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Writer – Brian Michael Bendis
Art – Michael Avon Oeming
Inker – James Pascoe
Coloring – Peter Fantazis
Lettering – Ken S. Bruzenak

Image Comics – $2.95

TOUGH WEEK! Seriously, I got a stack of books thirty dollars high and it took a long time to plow through them (and stay involved in the baseball game). There were a lot of possible picks: New X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, Alias, Savage Dragon, Hopeless Savages, and Supreme Power. But of all those books, one book rose to the top, again. Powers #34

Now it was a close race, really. Bendis has been crafting the origin of Powers over the last couple of issues (remember the monkey fucking one?) and each issue has been more intriguing than the first. Notably Powers #33, where I started to “get it” and see where we were going with this arc. It’s safe to say that the quality and the intensity of the story continues in this issue. Although if it wasn’t for one specific thing, I probably wouldn’t have picked this issue. What’s that one thing? Well, I don’t want to spoil it for you….. Aww its too good, I have to share:

**** SPOILER ALERT *****


Really. Albert Einstein, theory of relativity and all is a living, breathing, speaking character in this issue.

How funny is that?
Cracks me up.

The context of the story and his character’s inclusion in it makes sense and actually works, which is a feat in and of itself. The story of Christian Walker moves forward through time as the arc inches closer to the present day. I never thought I’d seriously see Einstein in the arc though.

As always, Oeming’s art is fantastic. I’ve grown past enjoying his jaw lines and crisp ink work and have come to really appreciate his layouts. Something about comic book layouts that really gets to me, but Oeming’s work in this issue, and other issues of Powers reminds me of the Neal Adams X-Men layouts that blew me away when I first saw them.

All in all, another fine showing by the Powers team that will leave me talking about this all week. Hell, I plan to show this to people who don’t even read comics!

Einstein!! Ha!

Ron Richards
E=MC squared
E-Mail: ron@ifanboy.com

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