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August 8, 2004 – Y: The Last Man #25

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Story by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Pia Guerra
Inks by Jose Marzan Jr.
Colors by Zylonol
Letters by Clem Robbins

Published by Vertigo/DC Comics | $2.95

You want to know what brown did for me? Well, I didn’t get all my comics. That’s right, UPS held up several boxes from my retailer, so I only ended up with a few books. Luckily, Y: The Last Man, one of my perennial favorites, was among them, and therefore, there could be rejoicing.

Now I’d like to say that since I picked the first issue of this great title, I’d like to think I’d made some converts to the series. I know that just recently I turned some folks onto this work, and Vaughan’s newest project, Ex Machina, and that’e one of the things which makes me proudest of our work on this website.

Anyway, this time out, Yorick finally gets a little action, and on a planet with one guy and a whole lot of ladies, it’s about damn time! It was pretty much a given last issue, so I don’t consider this a spoiler. Actually, it’s pretty sweet, and aside from the fact that Vaughan get a little cutesy with his dialog, I can’t say it’s that far off from how stupid people sound when the get all mushy and sexified. Yup, I said sexified.

We also see how the Amazon movement is moving westward, although it seems to be becoming a little diluted as it grows. This could yield interesting results as time marches forward. Finally, we’re treated to some relevant information which answers questions we’ve had since the beginning of the series.

The art is up to snuff as usual, and there’s one page about 2/3 of the way through I couldn’t help but admire. The last panel basically focuses on the face of the crucified Christ in the church where the issue largely takes place, and the design of the last 3 panels and the juxtaposition therein is very striking. A really talented eye created that bit. I’m not even sure what it means, but you can tell by looking that it means something. Pia Guerra is on a roll, and I hope she continues to work in comics long after this series is ended, hopefully further on down the road.

The cover this month is also fairly spectacular. Take a look at it, and you’ll see how intricate it is, and how subtle the “Y” is in this one. It reminds me of one of the old Swamp Thing covers, and looks like it was done in watercolors. It’s really quite spectacular and beautiful.

It feels like this book is gearing up to go charging into an important chapter. So just when the going’s getting good, make sure you catch up and get on board. I will make you convert as well!

Also, I just wanted to mention that I’m about 3/5 through the giant Bone book I bought in San Diego, and were it not for sleeping and work, I’d not have stopped reading it. At some point, it took on the mighty weight of a Lord of the Rings type of story, and while it appears light hearted, there are some really extraordinary and significant themes and insinuations contained in those cute drawings. It’s a real study in sequential art and the ability to reach all kinds of audiences with one kind of story. Highly recommended.

Josh Flanagan
It’s about damned time!

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  1. Y is never ever ever ever ever a disappointment. And despite the progress they’ve made, it feels like there’s still tons of stories to be told.

    Concerning the Bone “One Volume,” it may just be the best purchase I’ve ever made. In my life. Well worth it.

  2. I just finished Bone last night, and be expecting a write up very soon. I was surprised how really good it got. Very interesting stuff.

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