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July 28, 2004 – DC: The New Frontier #5

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Story, Art, and Letters by Darwyn Cooke
Colors by Dave Stewart

Published by DC Comics | $6.95

This comic book makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I really enjoy modern takes on the Golden and Silver Ages, and when they’re done well I can’t get enough of them. The last time something like this has been attempted so successfully was James Robinson’s mini-series The Golden Age, which is something that gets better every time I read it. DC: The New Frontier features my favorite fictional characters of all time, consequently, I am as happy as a little French schoolgirl.

In this issue, Hal Jordan meets Abin Sur, Superman meets Robin, and Wonder Woman and the Amazons meet their possible demise at the hands of a gigantic super sea creature menace that forces all of the other heroes into the classic all-hero team-up. Only, this time the results are very bloody and possibly deadly.

DC: The New Frontier is the brain child of the brilliant writer/artist Darwyn Cooke and for my money he is doing some of the best work in comics right now. His so-called “retro” style is perfectly suited for the DC Universe, especially these epic tales of the Golden and Silver Ages.

It seems like there’s a lack of fun superhero comics these days. Everything is serious, and people are getting hurt and dying and there’s crying and things of that nature. Just looking through this week’s stack of books: carnage in The Avengers #500, The Flash is all guilty about not saving a kid in JLA #102, Superman is mopey in Superman #207, Batgirl can’t read(!) in Batgirl #54, and some serious demons from the past have come back to haunt Peter Parker in The¬†Amazing Spider-Man #510. I like my superheroes dark, but it’s a bit daunting to read all those books in a row. Granted, there is death and destruction and not a little blood in DC: The New Frontier #5, but there’s also a very powerful underlying sense of fun behind it all. I want to read my comics with a smile on my face, not a sympathetic frown (well, okay, sometimes I like the frown).

This is shaping up to me one of my favorite DC miniseries of all time. I like it so much that I’ll even buy the trade when it comes out.

Conor Kilpatrick
Scares children, but not criminals

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  1. I’ll buy the trade, but those issues are so expensive, and I know there’s a reason for it, but that’s a lot of cash. Great art though.

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