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July 14, 2004 – Pulse #4

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Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mark Bagley
Inks by Scott Hanna
Colors by Peter Pantazis
Letters by Cory Petit

Published by Icon/Marvel Comics| $2.99

One would think we were on the Brian Michael Bendis payroll if any one of us had any money. Clearly we do not, yet what we do have often goes to Bendis’ child’s future education. I like that idea better that what he’s probably actually spending our money on.

The Pulse is a damn fine read. We have a crossroads. Much like in the movies, everyone knows who Peter is, and there’s really no secret identity of any kind. Ben Urich calls him out, and Peter is really bothered that Ben knows. What’s really nice about this issue is that Bendis gets to write grown up Spider-Man, and there’s a real difference in tone from teen Spidey in Ultimate Spider-Man, which is very obvious, and well done. And in this issue, adult Peter Parker has f’n had it. He makes a choice very unlike those he’s made in the past and very unlike those of Batman as well.

Normally here I talk about the art, but I’ll be honest: Bagley suits his purpose, but this isn’t his book. In addition to the fact that it is confusing having the same artist for Ultimate Spider-Man and the real Spider-Man. I think the tone of the book would feel drastically different if there were a more mature style drawing it, and I hope there will be a change in the future. It’s not that Bagley is bad, but it just doesn’t fit. He has a hard time with that hard-bitten look we need for Ben Urich and Luke Cage looks like every black character from the 60’s when comics were drawn by old jewish men who didn’t know any black men. Not terrible, but there’s room for improvement. Why didn’t they keep Gaydos who did Alias with Bendis before?

Still, it’s a good story and the writing is spot on Bendis, and I’m glad this book is out there.

Josh Flanagan
Yes Mr. Bendis! Right away Mr. Bendis! More coffee Mr. Bendis?

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  1. I don’t read this. I should. I’ll probably get the trades.

    IDENTITY CRISIS was hardcore.

    Chuck Austen’s JLA was suprisingly okay. The excellent Ron Garney art surely helped.

  2. There were serious ads for the Garney art. Called him a comics legend and all that. If they mentioned Austen, it was not noticed by me.

  3. Smart marketing.

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