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July 7, 2005 – Gotham Central #33

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Story by Greg Rucka & Ed Brubaker
Art by Kano
Inks by Stefano Gaudiano
Colors by Lee Loughridge
Letters by Clem Robins

Published by DC Comics | $2.50

What the heck? I only had three books this week. When the preliminary shipping list was released, I had five. Somehow, two books didn’t get shipped. I don’t even remember what they were.

Regardless… three books? When’s the last time that happened? I actually paid with cash. Shocking.

When you only buy three books and one of them is Gotham Central that’s pretty much ballgame right there.

Eat it, Aquaman and Ultimate Spider-Man!

So, Robin’s dead. Again. Oh, wait — that’s not the real Robin, he’s in like two other books. Well, some kid in a very authentic Robin costume is found dead in an alley. The press finds out and has a field day and guess who is at the top of the suspect list? Meanwhile, prime suspect #1 is beating the ever loving crap out of every freak in Arkham and around Gotham to try to find some answers. Having Batman feature so prominently in the case causes a lot of tension amongst the detectives of the Major Case Unit. Some of them hate him, some are secretly his ally, and some are just fed up and frustrated at the GCPD having to play second fiddle to a costumed vigilante.

This might be Brubaker’s swan song on Gotham Central, and if it is — it’s going to be one hell of a fun ride. What’s one of the first things a detective does when there’s a murder/suspicious death? They interview the victim’s friends and associates. In this case, Captain Sawyer calls in a favor from Metropolis and next month it seems that the detectives will be putting the Teen Titans in the box.

This issue also has one hell of a cliff-hanger.

Buy it, fools!

Conor Kilpatrick
Getting shot with a paintball… probably not the same

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