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May 9, 2007 – Nova #2

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Story by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Sean Chen
Inks by Scott Hanna
Colors by Guru eFX
Letters by Cory Petit

Published by Marvel Comics | $2.99

Amongst the annals of B-list Marvel characters that I adore, Nova is right up there towards the top. Unlike the various X-Men that I choose to favor, I can’t really tell you why. I started reading The New Warriors right when it started, and honestly my first interaction with Nova was in that book when he had the awful brown costume and a pony tail (I think). Something about the character resonated with me (along with Marvel Boy) and I went back into Marvel history to read about him. I found out why the brown costume sucked and why the blue and gold was way better, and exactly what Nova was all about and I was hooked. And then the character disappeared.

I was excited to read in the late 90’s, that a solo series was being published and it was being done by none other than Erik Larsen, one of my favorite creators who along with me, had a child-like affinity for the character. That book was fun, but it was canceled after 7 issues. 11 issues less than the last time he had a solo title back in the mid-90s (which I refuse to acknowledge existed). If you go back in time, even in his hey-day in the mid-70s, Nova’s first ongoing only lasted 25 issues. It looks like he’s one of those characters that just can’t carry a solo title. Which has led to quite a few jokes about guessing when this title will be canceled.

But here’s the thing, I hope they let this series run because, so far, it’s off to a great start. For those of you who don’t know anything about Nova, I’ll break it down fairly simply. Nova is a cross between Green Lantern and Spider-Man: Long Island teen boy gets bestowed with the powers of a space cop. So you’ve got the whole secret identity/growing up Marvel thing going on with a little bit of the science fiction aspect of DC. (If you haven’t read the issues from the 70’s, I strongly recommend it because they were awesome. They’re collected in Essential Nova, Vol. 1 (Marvel Essentials)). So why has it been over 30 years and the character has been stuck in lame series that never get past the twenties in issues? Here’s why – unfortunately he’s been stuck in his concept. They’ve never grown beyond the idea of teen kid with space cop powers. Until now.

Coming out of the Annihilation storyline last year, which was one of Marvel’s most underrated “events” of all time, we get a new ongoing of Nova, and like last time, I was psyched. Imagine my elation when I realized that FINALLY someone had come up with a way to break the character out of its concept and actually grow. In the first issue, we see Nova being stretched to his limits, as the last of the Nova Corps he’s needed nearly all over the universe to help clean up after the Annihilation war. He’s been bonded with the Nova Corps’ “Worldmind” super computer and he is the last of his kind. The Worldmind is concerned that he’s pushing too hard and urges him to take a break, when by accident he ends up back on Earth. This issue picks up as he returns to his parents home on Long Island, moments before Iron Man and SHIELD show up to take him in, as this is clearly not the Earth he left.

Writers Abnett and Lanning put together some of the best dialogue to come out of Civil War, as Iron Man explains to Nova what has happened with the super hero registration act, etc. Nova then fills Iron Man on the intergalatic war that he helped to stop and save the universe from. The contrast between the two events is almost comical as you get a sense of the isolationism of the Earth’s heroes of the past year, and how insignificant the events of Civil War could seem while compared to those of Annihilation. I couldn’t help but to laugh when I read Iron Man dismiss it with the line:

We had some intelligence via Shi’Ar sources, but it was vague. Frankly we thought it was just another Kree border squabble. And we were a little bit busy.

And then to hear the brilliance of Nova countering with:

Quasar died in front of my eyes. Even Thanos was killed. And you heard something… vague?

This title is different than the previous series of Nova because it shows a maturity of the character. He’s survived a war. He’s outgrown the “super hero” allure of Earth, and while it’s fairly obvious he will reject Iron Man and former New Warriors teammate Justice’s offer to join the Initiative to return back to his Nova Corps duties in space, it’s fascinating to see the character interact after being changed to his core. Now that’s not to say this was completely foreign. Nova’s parents were scripted and looked straight out of the original 70’s series, complete with his Dad yelling “What in blue blazes?” when Nova returns home. A nice touch that throws you back to the character’s origins. Ultimately the combined present day story with a bit of a throwback touch is capped when one of Nova’s original adversaries, Diamondhead, comes looking for revenge.

You can sense a familiar tone to the book, along with a touch of loving adoration, but ultimately what has impressed me the most is the slight change within the character and his reactions and interactions with the world that he left, which as Marvel intended, has had a change in status quo. As much as this pains me to say, after two issues this is already light years better than the Larsen series of the late ’90s. Let’s hope they can make it last to issue #26.

Ron Richards
Nostalgia + Growth = Goodness

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  1. Good pick. i thought i was awsome!!!i like the fact that nova is from long island. us long islanders have to stick together u know…..hey first to comment yay ^_^

  2. Privately, when I look at the list of books you three might buy in a given week, I take a quick moment to handicap the likely POW and make a little bet with myself.

    I have had a streak of really lousy luck. I haven’t been close in a month. Good on ya.

    I think I’ve only had one encounter with Nova. I made up my mind to read every issue of Amazing Spider-Man a few years back, and issue #171 was the earliest encounter I’ve had so far with something I always thought was a nineties phenomenon: it was part 2 of a 2 part story that had started in another book. It was a story that, since it was no longer 1977, I was in absolutely no position to ever read from the beginning. I would never know what the hell was going on. The book was Nova #12. Subconsciously, I’ve never really trusted him since.

  3. I also went with Nova #2 as my book of the week. It and the rest here: http://www.revision3.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6015

  4. Great Pick.

    Halfway through my stack and I can tell that NOVA #2 is my POW. The whole book was really good. I had so much fun reading it. It was so much fun seeing a goofy old super-villain(who was probably a decent threat before) coming for his revenge, and then gets his hand shot off in 2 seconds. I also liked that they didn’t make Iron Man a complete jerk in this one.

    If there’s anyone who enjoyed Annihilation(did i spell it right?) and isn’t reading this, then you need to check it out. Spread the word. Lets keep this book going.

  5. Hell yeah!

    I missed Annihilation(gonna read the trade), but i made sure to pick this up with number one. I went in with low expectations and it blew me away. I haven’t picked up my books yet but I’m looking forward to reading this one.

    Nice Pick Ron!

  6. Wow, I suddenly realize that I kind of dread the weeks that Ron gets to pick. JK

    I respect your opinion, but this is yet another week that I have no desire to run out and grab the pick of the week. I guess thats what the podcast is for, so you can have the opportunity to convince me otherwise. Good Luck

  7. Ron: I didn’t read Nova, but you do a great job with the review here.

    I don’t know what MY POW would have been this week. Countdown was fine, New Avengers was fine (although I’m really not sure about that art).

    The best book I read was probably the World War Hulk Prologue by Peter David— which was from LAST week. I had forgotten— because despite ifanboy’s heapings of praise on X-Factor I have not been reading that book– what a terrific writer Peter David is.

  8. Nova’s been a lot of fun. Great pick, Ron.

    Hope this book stays around a good long time.

  9. Countdown was my pick, I hopoe that the art (Jesus Saiz has been a favorite of mine since Chbeckmate) stays this good for the whole run (unlike **cough**52**cough**)and the Andy Kubert cover was awesome (it’s more whimsical than what JG Jones put out, and I don’t mind it, it sets this title apart from 52 in that regard.)

    I’m not sure what to think of the story, I guess it was good, because I had a ball reading it, but the scene with the two Monitors was, well, kind of campy, and how on earth does the Red Hood have a good enough report with the police to be standing there talking with a cop about a crime that the Jokerts (daughter?) commited.

  10. I thought Countdown was very interesting as well. I guess for the next 52 weeks we might be learning about the new multiverse and seeing it put right after all these years. If that is what it’s about, I’m interested. If it’s not, I’m still interested.

    Doubt if anyone else here reads it, but Friday the 13th from Wildstorm wrapped up its first arc. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray really gave us a story (!?) set in the F13 universe that was interesting and compelling way more than most of the movies. I’ve read other F13 comics and they were utter crap, I really liked this, though It’s not for everyone.

  11. Having not read all my books this week and never really being a big Nova fan (sorry Ron) I think it would be hard to beat Countdown. The art was good, and I hope it stays that way, and the story was great. Of course there were some holes, and it is just part one of a 52 part story arc so we don’t know exactly what is going on just yet. It managed to get me hooked, and I’m much more excited about it than I was 52 when that book started.

  12. I really liked Nova. I am an old New Warriors fan too. Big fan, actually. Between this title, the Loners, Thunderbolts, and the upcoming New New Warriors, Marvel’s B-C talents are having a major come back. I am loving it. Not only are these characters getting appearances, but they are getting new characterizations. The Steel Spider may not be too bright, but he is noble and something of a leader. The characters in the Loners have had stuff happen to them since the last time they appeared in any comics. Nova, wow, he has really stepped forward as a whole new hero. It is like I am rediscovering the Marvel Universe. There are all of these characters I am familar with, but they are different now.

    Nobody has mentioned the Ronin revelation. Kind of anti-climatic, but I still liked it. I don’t think anyone in that suit would have blown me away though.

  13. I have been waiting for this book to come out since I read the first one and I love the series so far. I hope it just gets better.

  14. Assuming Josh is reading it in issues, and not trades, I hope to hear at least something about his thoughts on the new issue of Y. Those last pages knocked me on my ass, and I knew no other book was going to be as good as that this week, for me.

  15. It would pretty impossible for Josh to say anything about Y over the sounds of Ron and I screaming “DON’T SAY ANYTHING! SHUT UP! DON’T RUIN IT!”

  16. First New Excaliber, now Nova?


  17. It would pretty impossible for Josh to say anything about Y over the sounds of Ron and I screaming “DON’T SAY ANYTHING! SHUT UP! DON’T RUIN IT!”

    I think this is something I would want to hear for sheer entertainment value, anyways.

  18. Hmmm…

  19. All my memories of Nova are Infantino-tinged, which is why I have a mental block when it comes to accepting him in a new context.

  20. Ahhhh at last! You know that refreshing feeling when your power cord for your computer has been missing for several days and your computer has died from lack of power and you have no Internet access whatsoever during this time and until finally you get it back late on Thursday, the relief of that I’m feeling right now 🙂

    Alright Ron! Good pick. I really liked Annihilation so this series has been keeping that vibe really well. I really like Nova from Annihilation his character is very identifiable for some reason that I can’t explain but that’s okay as the series goes on I’m sure I’ll find it because I’m enjoying it and that’s all that matters 🙂

    My pick was a tossup between Thunderbolts and Mystery in Space number 8 of 8, in the end I would probably go with Mystery in Space one: because The Weird is so damn fun! You talk about good B list D list characters the weird takes it, his old miniseries http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Weird which was about four issues I read when I was a kid and even at that early age I found it extremely touching. An alien life form takes possession of a human body of a recently deceased father the learns to feel compassion for his new son while possessing the dead fathers body he later discovers with the Justice league that he’s going to explode and destroy Earth he then goes to an uninhabited planet in outer space where he dies a tragic death. I got tears in my eyes right now :- ( anyway he comes back in this and is really fun.
    The second reason is this is a really fun space sci-fi adventure that I think will make a great trade when it comes out.

    Thunderbolts on the other hand was straight up fun! Man who knew Warren Ellis could write such awesome action sequences that Deodato drew masterfully. Seriously, this is some of the best action sequences I’ve read is like watching a film or something they really well put together its just plain fun!

  21. Once again, I’m totally in agreement with this pick. I flipped through Nova #2 at the store and decided to buy both it and Nova #1 along with my regular books. Now, it’s part of my regular pull list.

    The only close runner-up this week was New Avengers and while I dig the story & characters, the art is *really* freakin’ annoying and I’m really over the “past/present” storytelling style. They did have the “oh shit!” moment of the week, though. 🙂

  22. I really liked New Avengers.
    I really like Liniel Yu’s art normally, but it just seems like he’s getting bored and sloppy with the it.

    Iron Fist had a lot of fun moments, but it was really confusing.

    Despite saying I wouldn’t I picked up Outsiders for the checkout crossover and I really liked it. Never been a huge DC person but Nightwing was really really cool.

    Countdown was cool but as I mentioned above Idk much DC so I was a little lost. I also didn’t read 52 so it felt like not much really happened. I’m still getting used to the idea that there’s gonna be a new issue next week.

  23. This issue was excellent this week. I picked up #1 on a lark after flipping through it at the store, and I really dug it. Issue #2 picked up where it left off and has touched on many awesome storylines that could lead to bad ass things. Excellent, excellent book. I can’t wait for Annihilation to come out in TPB so I can read it.

    I was SUPREMELY disappointed with Marvel Zombies: Dead Days. Sean Phillips art was pretty bad, and overall the story just didn’t grab me. It lacked that certain spark that the original mini and the current limited (the crossover with Army of Darkness) have.

    I also very much enjoyed 2 Guns, which is a surprisingly engaging book.

    Countdown was cool, but I have zero knowledge of half the characters in it. I need to do a little homework to keep tabs on this one. The art was great though.

    Iron Fist was really strong this week after sucking balls last month. Can’t wait to see the next issue.

    Overall, this week was pretty solid and I enjoyed it. I’m glad it was small this week because I am soooooo behind on my trades.

  24. Iron Fist was really strong this week after sucking balls last month. Can’t wait to see the next issue.

    You really thought it was that bad last month? I was lost for a while and last month was just simple fun kung fu and guns. I felt like it was an issue for me to cool down and really figure out what was going on. I guess I’m just simple minded…

  25. You really thought it was that bad last month?

    I also thought last month’s was really not very good.

  26. I don’t know if Nova is best comic of the week, but I will give A+ to Ron’s P.O.W. essay, as it makes a very compelling case to pick this and issue #1 up.

    It’s funny, I remember being a big Nova reader (and fan) as a kid when it was coming out in the 70s, but I could in no way tell you why today. I think at the time I was also reading Ms. Marvel, Spider Woman, and Nova, and I was not one for the B-List characters, so maybe somebody can explain that.

    I’ll try now — I have a very strong feeling the writers running the Marvel Bullpen are about my age, and were probably reading the same stuff I was. Ms. Marvel, Spider Woman, Nova….

    Does Nova #1 have a synopsis of the Annihilation event, the same way World War Hulk Prologue does? If so, that would be a great way for Marvel to both “dovetail” the events for readers who didn’t follow all three (or only followed one), and generate interest in people who may want to pick up the WW Hulk trades or Annihilation…

    Do both have that quick synopsis?

  27. I had no interest in the Annihilation series, or Nova, but after hearing good things about the first issue from the podcast, i decided to check it out. Man, I gotta tell you, I was impressed!
    I remembered Diamonhead from years ago, and …nope. That dude still looks ridiculous.
    Though I liked how Nova took him down with such ease. I think that’s tellling of how he’s just got too much power to be bothered with the stuff going down on Earth, and that his power would probably be better served out in space.

    Though, I’m definately a street level guy, so when he inevitably DOES go back into space, I hope it doesn’t lose me..

  28. Does Nova #1 have a synopsis of the Annihilation event, the same way World War Hulk Prologue does?

    The first issue of Nova does not have an Annihilation summary, but at the same time, the series makes only brief mention of the events, and those are clear and to the point. The stuff going on in the series does not tie to the Annihilation event. It’s more like what Nova is doing afterward.

    Having said that, I did not read Annihilation and have never read Nova before, but I do not in any way feel like I’m missing out on anything. I will admit that the series has really peaked my interest in the Annihilation event.

    I think that’s one of the reasons I really dig the series is that it’s just so accessible. Sometimes the publisher’s don’t do such a good job of that.

  29. Annihilation is worth going back to. I think the trade just came out. If you’re the slightiest bit curious about Annihilation don’t let yourself dismiss it. You don’t need to have any knowledge of cosmic Marvel, everything you need is in the five or six issues of the series. It was a really well executed story. Not at all heavy, but still very exciting and enjoyable. Go check that out.

  30. Small week overall. New Avengers might have been it for me. The time jump from three issues ago still left me a lost but that’s Bendis for ya.

    I loved Lenil Yu’s art. This new sketchy style he’s using knocks my socks off. It really lends a grittier feel to the “underground” avengers book as opposed to Cho’s T&A fest.

    I was worried that the team was relying far to heavily on Dr. Strange keeping them hidden from Stark but this issue really made some progress on getting them away from that. (Progress being a euphemism to avoid spoilers.)

    But the main reason I really loved this book was a little man named Peter Parker. Can Bendis please please have a writers workshop on how to write Spider-man? There was a page in this issue where the last panel of the page had Dr. Strange offering to cast the spell of Tartarshi or something like that and I grinned just a bit knowing that Petey would be making a joke in the first panel of the next page. I was right and it felt good. That’s kinda the point of Spider-man. Jokes as a defense mechanism for being in way over his head all the time. JMS’s AMS run has been full of fights where Parker’s inner monologue says something like “I would normally make a bunch of stupid quips at a moment like this but this situation is just far too serious and I must be serious for May and MJ and NY and USA and…” To sum up, Bendis writing Spidey = refreshing.

  31. I also thought last month’s was really not very good.

    I remember Conor that you mentioned that on the podcast for that week, and I had been thinkin you guys were gonna say it was fun. I heard you say that and I thought, “Am I completely out of my mind for enjoying it.” I just realized that I don’t have to love everything somebody recommends, or hate something everyone else hates. *sniff*This forum has taught me to love myself and my individuality.*tear* Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me!

  32. I like Iron Fist. The art has been great. The story is building into a neat little quest. I snicker at the word “gun fu” (good snicker). The only problem I had with the past issue was when Luke, Colleen, and Misty were being hired to help Danny. I have no doubt those charcters would come together to help Danny, but the Heroes for Hire are on the side of registration and Luke is practically leading what remains of the anti-registration side. I can dismiss that break in continuity, but I shouldn’t have to.

  33. For whoever is reading Green Arrow, this is the second to last issue of this run (Before becoming Green Arrow/Black Canary). Really good issue, great interplay between the GA family, and really good moments between Ollie and Dinah. Next issue should be a doozy, after all that’s been setup between GA and his foe on the last page.

  34. Was Brad Meltzer’s run on Green Arrow very good? I just listend to his most recent Wordballoon interview and I just read Identity Crisis for the first time. I didn’t know he did time on Green Arrow, but I am thinking about picking it up.

  35. It was pretty good. Not great, but good.

  36. Cool. I have a coupon for Boarders for this weekend. If it is there I think I am going to pick it up. I really really liked Identity Crisis and I am really really regretting having dropped 52 early. If only for the Ralph Dibny storyline.

  37. I can’t wait to buy this shit. I loved the first issue.

  38. Instead of “gun fu” I think of “gunkata,” which is from the great Christian Bale flick Equilibrium. The premise of ninjas with big guns so very dope.

  39. Instead of “gun fu” I think of “gunkata,” which is from the great Christian Bale flick Equilibrium. The premise of ninjas with big guns so very dope.

    Never saw that movie all the way through, but it has some of the coolest fight scenes. Okay back to comics…

    So in Countdown, what’s goin’ on? Are Jason Todd and the Jokers daughter from another dimension? Why was Mary marvel in the hospital, who was the guy that payed her hospital bill? I hate to be the DC newbie but I want to really be able to enjoy this series rather than be lost the whole time.

  40. Green Arrow 74 was excellent. A great set up for an action packed finale as well!!

  41. I assume that CBR is misinterpreting what the cover of Nova #5 means, but if not, we probably have an answer for how long the new Nova series will last:

    An intergalactic lone ranger space cop undergoing a sex change might spell the end of the series. 😉

  42. “So in Countdown, what’s goin’ on? Are Jason Todd and the Jokers daughter from another dimension? Why was Mary marvel in the hospital, who was the guy that payed her hospital bill? I hate to be the DC newbie but I want to really be able to enjoy this series rather than be lost the whole time.”

    Yeah I’m pretty sure the Joker’s daughter is from another earth, but I just Jason Todd is just out of place cause he’s sopposed to be dead.
    The guy who payed Mary’s bill was Freddy Freedman,Captain Marvel Jr. (see Trials of Shazam, or don’t, I don’t find it particularly good, but others seem to like it)

  43. I’m going to assume that Nova is not going to get a sex change, although that would be break new ground in a super hero book. My guess is that it’s a chick Nova Corps member that somehow survived or something. We’ll just have to see…

  44. Thanks MastaP. I read the first 2 issues of Trials of Shazam, wasnt crazy about it, but i do remember now about Cpt. Marvel Jr. Thanks again.

  45. I’ve read these first two issues now, and I’m glad that Nova’s developing more as a character and like the turn of events going on in his life, but I really can’t get over how horrible the actual scripting is for the most part. It’s all just so, I dunno, cliched and kinda contrived. I wish Abbett and Lanning just came up with the plots and someone who can actually do dialogue did the scripts. What’s Brubaker up to? Can’t he randomly just go ahead and do that while writing his twenty other books or whatever he’s working on these days.

  46. nova 2 was good! my favorite 2 lines were during the nova/tony discussions “you dont bring a strike team to my parents’ door. EVER. are we clear?” & “i pulled him inside out & saved the universe. what have you done lately, tony?” it was a good book for me i really enjoy were this series is going. chronicles of wormwood #3 was good & so was thunderbolts. countdown wasnt bad for the first issue. the only wierd thing to get around is that 52 ended where one year later begin. so now countdown is picking up where the DC universe is now (not where 52 ended) once you get your mind round that crap its easier to understand some things… i hope haha

  47. just wanna say i loved the Nova issue,by the way the ending,yeah. I hope he kicks the Thunderbolts tails.

  48. So, guess what? I picked up Nova 2 on a whim this past week. And I picked it as my strongest read this week – over New Avengers, Thunderbolts, etc.

    Well I don’t have that huge of a pull list, actually.

    Still, it really felt good, it read well, the characters were on, and the life was there. I really enjoyed it.

    It seemed the others were more setup. New Avengers was cool, but didn’t change much more than more action with a cliffhanger that seems to develop into, well, more action. Thunderbolts was a big fight that turns out to be setup for a bigger fight. And these are my favorite books right now.

    Anyway, good pick.

  49. Just read Nova. Fantastic read. Really good commentary on the Civil War… “gee Billions died? I think we heard something through the wire on that.” For some reason I really dug the opening pages when he lands in Long Island after having been away. Smoke rising off him. Just great comicing in my opinion. Great choice Ron. Keep it up.

  50. Everyone: there’s a good article up today at


    about the prevalence of comic book movies. The article’s called “Not just for kids: an analysis of the Hollywood Cape Machine.” Anybody read it?

  51. I believe I have read this article approximately 1,000 times already.

  52. Am I the only one who enjoyed this past week’s Thunderbolts? It was a little bit better than the issues before. Granted I enjoyed the c-list characters more than the Thunderbolts themselves, but no other book has the Steel Spider, American Eagle, and that woman whom I don’t believe has been named yet. My point is that Thunderbolts has always been good for upgrading Marvel’s lower level characters to a higher status. Sometimes a c-lister is only made into a b-lister, but the jump usually involves a good story. Ellis is doing that with these three Marvel nobodies and I like it. If he kills them in the end of this arc I’ll be very annoyed, which will probably lead to me dropping the book. However, I enjoyed this past week’s issue a lot.

  53. I don’t know where else to put this but a thread needs to go up immediately.

    Alan Moore got married. His “tuxedo” was amazing and topped off with a bright blue bowler hat.

    Neil Gaiman put up pictures on his website that literally made me laugh out loud. Enjoy!


  54. well my week was good…

    Countdown was friggin’ AWESOME, I don’t care that it’s 49 cents more than 52 was, if the art and story stay this good, I’m willin’ to pay it for the next 51 weeks

    New Avengers was good, seriously though, if you didn’t see the Ronin thing coming, there is nothin’ else that I can do for you. I’m sorry. The art was alright, but I still like the story. I’m interested to see if anyone actually dies next issue

    I liked Part 2 of Checkout (in Outsiders 47), so I’ll stay with it

    and finally… Iron Fist. Although it pains me to do this, I have no idea what’s going on, so I’m gonna drop it and get it in trades (which I assume will happen). It’s not that the book’s bad per se, it’s just that I always get really, REALLY tired everytime that I try to read it. Maybe it’ll be better in trade. It’s too bad since Iron Fist got me into comics in the first place in Heroes for Hire

  55. On the podcast, someone– I think Josh?– referred to the “great” or “very good” art in New Avengers this week. Just curious, what does everyone else think about the art in New Avengers? Maybe it’s just a taste thing, but for some reason I really can’t get into Leinel Yu’s pencils there… what’s the consensus?

  56. I do not care for the art in New Avengers at all. I think it is sloppy looking and uninspired.

  57. Lenil Yu is fantastic. It’s full of such kinetic energy.

  58. No, I liked Thunderbolts this week, too. Actually, seeing them in Nova #2 was a little strange, since they weren’t drawn by Deodato, whose work on the title is so inspired, that I have a hard time seeing the team being drawn by other artists.

    Ellis really makes the C-list characters shine and look like well-meaning heroes (instead of losers), especially when they go up against the Evil Stormtroopers that are the Thunderbolts. Plus, I LOVE villain-centric stories, and I’ve been getting a lot of that in this run, so far. It’s definitely one of my top 3 Marvel books.

  59. On the Thunderbolts at the end of Nova, they looked like an odd grouping of Scooby-Doo villains. Not sure why that is, but it made me chuckle. Maybe it was the art.

  60. Hey guys! Mike from Aus ‘calling’!

    I rang in (international!) a while ago in response to New Avengers #26 and the infamous ‘cupboard/door’ scene, and your mention of it in response to the Ronin situation brought it back to my attention.

    As I mentioned in the call, the theory that [Hawkeye] was recoiling in shock of what lay behind the door is completely lost on me.
    What -might- be lost in the stiff subtlty of Maleev’s artwork, I think, is that he’s casually -heading- for the door, recasting the scene in a context of contemplation.

    What I think Ronin represents is the decision made in that moment, which seems to be an internal debate of whether or not to stay in isolated paradise, or return to the world (artistically described in the backdrop of the final panels).
    The light over Scarlet Witch is presumably from the window.

    Fast becoming a big fan of the show! Keep up the great work, guys!

    I’ve also got a fairly brief preview of a book coming out soon up at http://www.nitelitetheatre.com, and would love to hear any thoughts you have.


  61. Fast becoming a big fan of the show! Keep up the great work, guys!

    I am not sure if I spend more time reading comics or more time listening to the show and reading theses threads…. and that’s okay.

  62. Great pick. I went back and bought it (despite having sworn off of Marvel) and was not disappointed. As for why the T-Bolts are there at the end: on the next-to-last page, the cop says, “This ain’t our area of specialty. But they called in someone who can deal.” The Bolts aren’t there for Nova, they’re there for Diamondhead. Of course, there will still be a fight. Because there’s always a fight.

    About Countdown and 52 and timelines, Ron. It works like this: a year ago our time, most of the DC comics skipped a year, and 52 filled in that missing year. Countdown started the day after 52 ended. The last year, DC time, was less than a year, our time. You’re assuming that 1 Year DC Time = 1 Year Our Time. It doesn’t, necessarily. Look at JLA: six months of story covered a matter of days.

    So, Countdown and most of the DC books are happening concurrently. Right Now, their time and our time. At the end of Countdown, it will be one year after One Year Later, DC Time, even though it will be two years later, Our Time.

    It’s not really that confusing.

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