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March 17, 2004 – Wolverine #12

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Story by Greg Rucka
Art by Darick Robertson
Inks by Darick Robertson & Tom Palmer
Colors by Studio F
Letters by Rus Wooton

Published by Marvel Comics | $2.25

This week has been horrid. Work has been hellish. I’m fighting a cold. It snowed again. I got stuck at work late on Wednesday and didn’t get my comics until Thursday. I’ve been walking around like a zombie for days.

So it’s fitting that this week’s pick is Wolverine #12, entitled “Dream”. As the entire issue is one David Lynch-like walk through Logan’s dream/nightmare over the course of one night. Needless to say, there’s a lot of women, killing and nakedness. Oh, and Nightcrawler pops up once too. Every different incarnation of Wolverine seems to make an appearance and I think there are claws on pretty much every page.

I’m sure Greg Rucka had some abstract narrative going on that maybe in my weakened state I did’t comprehend. But on a different, sleep deprived level, I totally dug this issue. I haven’t been sleeping great either, but it comforts me to see to at least my dreams, while full of women and drama, don’t have nearly the level of violence, pathos and subtext that plague Logan at night.


Ron Richards
I’m going back to bed

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