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February 15, 2006 – Daredevil #82

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Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by Michael Lark
Colors by Frank D’Armata
Letters by Cory Petit

Published by Marvel Comics | $2.99

Well, I thought it would be pretty good, but I didn’t think it would be this good. Out of the gate, the first issue to follow Brian Michael Bendis’ soon to be legendary run, is off to a beautiful start. For one thing, had I not known, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed the change. But what I did notice was a great single issue of comic book reading.

When Bendis left us, Matt Murdock was sitting in jail waiting to be tried for being Daredevil. We all thought, damn, not only is Matt in serious trouble, but the next writer of this thing is deep in a hole. This issue shakes us up a bit in the first couple pages, as we see someone in the red tights parading around Hell’s Kitchen, and just when we start to forget where #81 left off, we’re back to the prison cell. And Brubaker has already cooked up a boatload of conundrums that Matt will have to deal with. Foggy’s got some stuff to deal with as well, because it’s a little Foggy’s book too! I’m fascinated to know how this will turn out. There’s already been action, mystery, character development, and about as many conflicts as you can fit in a comic book, and this is just the start.

I must have forgotten how much I liked Michael Lark’s art, because I was incredibly impressed by this book. The two-page spread on page 2 is beautiful. It’s Daredevil, in the air, at night in the rain, perfectly rendered, completely not muddy, and composed really well. And I might sound like I’m gushing, but this is one really nice looking comic book. I think I just might say that this art is even better than Alex Maleev’s. A nod should also really be given to the colorist as well, because a lot of this book takes place in dark places, but it came out really well, and while the page reads dark, it’s rendered in such a way that the images are very clear. I can think of some comics that have tried this effect and failed, so I appreciate seeing it done well. This makes me want to go back to read some early Gotham Central issues.

Okay, so it’s not really an original pick, but it’s not Bendis, and this was hands down the best book I read this week. And there were some other very good reads, but nothing that had me hooked as easily as this. This choice was a no-brainer, and now Brubaker’s Daredevil run is going to have a lot to live up to. So even though I’m gushing like a little girl, I like to think of myself as a tough critic, and this issue certainly passes all of my tests. If you haven’t been reading, this is a pretty good jumping-on point, so check it out.

Josh Flanagan
Wait, didn’t we just do this?

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  1. Now this is a better written DD book to me then Bendis/Maleev.

  2. Howso?

  3. I haven’t read any Daredevil before but I really, really enjoyed this months issue. I liked the gritty feel of it from the artwork to the story that balanced action and human elements well.

    I love when at the end of an issue I feel like lots of stuff happened and this one feels that way. I know nothing of DD (been reading comics for 5 weeks now so my opinion probably doesn’t count for much) but this feels like as good a place as any to jump on without feeling lost by history. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

  4. Your opinion counts for plenty. Knowing good comics, to me, is the same as knowing what a good story is, and if you read it, and you like it, and you want to read more. That’s good comics.

    So what made you start reading comics so recently?

  5. I really liked this issue. I wasn’t too afraid when Bendis left, because I knew that Bendis would most likely leave some sort of rope for the new author to save himself with. It actually had a few ‘outloud gasp’ moments, even a few I had read about on Newsarama (involving one Froggy Nelson). It’s not often that a book does that. So, I will continue to read this book, for it’s probably going to be kept good in the hands of Brubaker (A man who SUCCESSFULLY revived Bucky).

    So…I’ll try to keep this as vauge as possible but uh…who do you guys think is ‘protecting hells kitchen’?

  6. My first thought was that it was the Black Widow, from the issue a couple back with her putting on the costume. Maybe she’s using some image shifter to appear all manly. I’m not sure.

    By the way, it’s Foggy. Froggy was in the lil Rascals, or something like that.

  7. Okay, this book was really, really good. Now, with Brubaker writing like this, why does X-Men Deadly Genisi seem like it’s being written by a totally different person?

    I think that it’s D-Man, or Spidey.

    Now, I don’t know if you all know the situation with Bendis handing DD over to Brubaker, but do you think this book would have been as good were the reins handed to someone who had their own plans? Do you think a writer should at least give the last writer props by reconciling all his previous work with that which is to come, or should a new writer on a book be allowed to do anything he/she damn well pleases?

  8. I think that Daredevil is more up Brubanker’s alley than X-Men. It’s more gritty, more street-level, in a sense more realistic.

    When I saw the faux-Daredevil, I thought immediately of Black Widow, or Spider-Man.

  9. Josh, the reason I started reading so recently is pretty lame. I was reading the new Robert Jordan book in the Wheel of Time series and like the last couple it was borng me beyond belief with pages of descriptions about the dresses female characters were wearing, and locations that I just dont have the mental capacity to imagine.When I read and I tend to skim the detailed description to dialogue and action, where stuff happens most. Then a lightbulb moment occured, why not try comics.

    Told my older brother, he said he owned some (Sandman, Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns, Kindom Come etc, what luck!), read them, loved them, listened to some podcasts (like this one which I really enjoy) and went to comic shop, got completely intimidated, eventually just decided to jump into a couple of series, and to my financial detriment I am hooked. It is really hard being new to it all, cos you feel like an idiot for not knowing anything, thankfully people have been really patient and helpful.

    That why I thought this issue was so cool. I felt like I could read it and know enough about the characters to really get into what was happening to them.

    I am open to suggestion for things to try (as long as I can afford it),though this probably not the place to list what I am reading atm. I sincerely apologise for this post being unrelated to Daredevil #82.

  10. By the way, it’s Foggy. Froggy was in the lil Rascals, or something like that.
    Damnit. I hate typos. Don’t you?

    To sime: That’s not lame! Mine’s probably along the same lines: I was primarily a gamer, and got into comics AGAIN (I had bought some quarter bin spidey issues when I was 7.) after reading the ‘Metal Gear Solid’ adaptation. With the summer game market being horrendous, I thought ‘hey, no games to play…why not read comics?’ So, as luck would have it, I was at a major turning points in comics: House of M and Infinite Crisis. But a little over 5 months or so later, I’m caught up, and addicted.

    Now, the faux-Daredevil strongly leads on to be Spider-Man. Didja notice his sitting pose when Ben confronted him? It was the whole ‘arms between legs’ crouch that Spidey does. I highly doubt D-man…although the Pulse would be an interesting tie in series to DD. Finally, the Black Widow would also be a good guess, yet, the art leads on that it’s a male. BW has outstanding…er, ‘assests’, that don’t show any appearance in any of the Daredevil fight scenes, which show male pecs. Spidey is probably who i’d put my money on; He’s male, DD’s good friend, AND he’s as acrobatic as DD (Early in DD’s career, he was mentioned to be a Spidey rip off because of their similar fighting styles and transportation methods).

    And something that relates to last weeks ‘ad’s in comic books’ discussion, here’s a little oddity I just saw whilst flipping through DD #82 to investigate Faux-DD; Right around when Matt is put into the room with all the ‘thugs’, there’s a panel where he smashes a guy with his palm into a clock. On the next page, there’s an ad for ‘The Hills Have Eyes’, wherein the ad has an image that seems like a blown up version of that panel. Nothing huge, just a little oddity I’d like to mention.

  11. I couldn’t imagine being a new reader and having Daredevil in it’s current state (though I haven’t read the last one) be one of my first books. It must be fascinating. The first thing with Kingdom Come or DKR. Wow.

  12. “I am open to suggestion for things to try (as long as I can afford it),though this probably not the place to list what I am reading atm. I sincerely apologise for this post being unrelated to Daredevil #82.”

    This is the PERFECT place to list what you are reading so people can suggest more things. This isn’t just a thraead for the Pick of the Week, but for comics in general. Sort of a “This Week in Comics” thing.

    List away!

  13. The first thing with Kingdom Come or DKR. Wow. Actually, I started with DC by reading Kingdom Come. It was kind of akward, but still a great read.

    So, we’re reccomending titles, are we? Alrighty…let’s see what I pull:

    Cable and Deadpool – A great, under the radar book. These kinda books are always a great read, because it kind of makes you feel special to be one of the small few who read it. It’s also really funny, and a good, fun read.

    X-factor – You know, 3 issues in, and this book already rules. It’s got a deep story, twists abound, and the characters are diverse and different from almost any other characters in the main Marvel U. Definitely a good book to pick up.

    Ultimate Spider-Man, X-men, Fantastic Four and The Ultimates Probably the BEST place to pick up if you’re a new reader. It’s redoing alot of the origins of characters, and the trades are put out on a very regular schedule. Aside from it’s editorial aspects, it’s also a great, fun read! If you’re familiar with any Marvel history, it’s fun to see GOOD re-envisioned characters (And speak of the devil, Deadpool’s coming to USM!)

    Marvel Zombies – Sadly, this title is only a miniseries. However, that being said, it’s one of the best books on the market. Despite the ‘horror twist’, Kirkman DELIVERS a great read. It’s funny, it’s got a familiar tone to it, and a new story and territory Marvel’s never explored before to this extreme. Pick it up.

    Now, for DC. It’s kind of hard to get into DC right now. ‘Crisis’ has hit, and it’s really confusing, for it involves alot of backstory that’s been developing for the past few years in EVERY book (Green Lantern: Rebirth, Identity Crisis, Batman, etc. etc.) For starters, if you really want something to read in the DCU now, i’d go pick up the newest Superman (#226) and Action Comics (#836), and be on the lookout for the next Adventures of Superman. These three titles give a small backstory to the history of Superman. It might be a little rough, but it’s easIER to wedge into the DCU. The iFanboy Trio has stated before, wait until next month, once everything gets rebooted. Until then, I’d reccomend going and picking up some old trades of The Flash, the JLA, Green Lantern, and (obviously) Batman. After awhile, go try and read ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’, which is the KEY story to most of the DCU.

    I’ll post more as I think of them. But this should be sufficent for now.

  14. Starting in March, all of the DC books are going to be rebooted with new storylines, new creators, new directions, and sometimes new characters. It’ll be a good jumping on point for people looking to experiment.

  15. “I couldn’t imagine being a new reader and having Daredevil in it’s current state (though I haven’t read the last one) be one of my first books. It must be fascinating.” – It is pretty awesome being a new reader because it is all so exciting. Like the first time in a candy shop. I’ll probably touch everything, eat too much, get sick on some, then after a couple of months I’ll know what candy I like best, but at the moment I want it all. It is also probably made a little easier having all these cool podcasts and internet sites that give you an idea of a characters back story.

    “So, as luck would have it, I was at a major turning points in comics: House of M and Infinite Crisis. But a little over 5 months or so later, I’m caught up, and addicted.” – Infinite Crisis, boy did that first issue make me think I was out of my depth. Every page I read it was like, ok something big and cool happened I think…but what and to who?? She snapped his head?..and thats out of character? It was just question after question. I am glad it doesn’t take too long to “get” these sorts of things. Luckily I got in just in time the get IC, and catch the start of Civil War, 52 etc.

    What I am reading:
    Captain Atom: Armageddon – I like Captian Atom. He gets hit for a couple of panels and then just explodes someone. The last issue wasn’t great with all the dimension hopping but the ones before that I grabbed were great fun. Has he fought Superman cos he seems pretty tough?
    DMZ – Blew me away. Always nice to get a series early. Looks great. Great idea. Has that real street warfare feel where you are following the little tales in a bigger war.
    Marvel Team Up – I have grabbed the first two TPB’s and they were fantastic. It felt like the perfect intro to the marvel universe because it has so many heroes and at the end of it I wanted to buy Punisher, Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine…almost all of them. Spiderman espcially, I wasn’t that intereste in him, and could still only take him in not too large a doses, but I loved him in this. Can’t wait for the third.
    Infinite Crisis – Haven’t got the knowledge to appreciate this yet.
    JSA Classified – Have only read the Injustice Society arc and the current one. Thought the whole Spear storyline was a bit lame, but with some cool pictures espcially of the Flash resisting the Spear’s power. The Injustice Society arc had me barracking for the bad guys!
    Book of Lost Souls – not that impressed yet.
    The Exterminators – Have no idea where it is going but will check the next couple.
    Ultimate Wolverine versus Hulk – Great first two pages but dont love the art.
    Next Wave – Seems like it might be fun but I dont like this style of artwork yet. Hoping it will grow on me.
    Justice – Story is ok, but the pictures are sooo good to look at.

    So that is it (I’ve read some other trades but these are the monthlies I am testing). A bit of a scattergun approach. I have booked myself in for Civil War, 52 and maybe the new Wildstorm books coming out later this year, but a couple more monthly comic books can still be squeezed in my budget (comics are so expensive here in Australia). Anything that is easy to jump on now? Or even something I can just get the trades for that is near the start (I have no self control so a large back catalogue of trades will affect my mortgage repayments). How many issues do people pick up monthly anyway? I just want enough to give me something to read most nights.

    Thanks and sorry for the long, overexcited post.

  16. It was just question after question. I am glad it doesn’t take too long to “get” these sorts of things Actually…It took many nights of research on Wikipedia, reading some old, old, old comics, and going to a multitude of websites. Be prepared to lose a week or so catching up on DC history.

    DMZ, of course! How could I forget this great title? It’s a great read, I’m just kind of hoping it leaps onto a slightly more ‘How does this Civil War of sorts affect the US as a whole’. It’s kind of sad, I may be the only teenager I know who actually grasps alot of this concept, or would even give it a chance.

    As per your Spider-Man ‘pallete’, I’d suggest New Avengers, which is chockful of Spidey goodness. If you can, pick up some of the EARLY JMS ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ trades (before the mystical spider storyline). It has great writing, great art, and it’s fun to read: One of the best scenes in one of his books is when Doom steps off of an airplane into a New York public airport. It’s a fun scene, with some character development, but it’s little things like this which make his early run a great run.

    Monthly issues I pick up…I spend about 21 bucks a week on comics so…8 issues a week, for 4 weeks…32 issues a month? This is just an average: Some weeks i’ll have more, some i’ll have less, but I like to keep a budget so I don’t end up spending 67 dollars on comic books.

  17. I’ve been reading for just over a year I guess. What got me started? Well, is silly of course. Read on some co-workers’ Wizard about Allan Heinberg, guy from thge OC that was gonna start writing a comic called Young Avengers so I bought #1 and kept going. Thank goodness it is a great series. Since then got into Runnaways which is awesome, by my fave B.K. Vaughn (got Ex_machina trades, will start Y: The last Man from trade 1 soon). Get Avangers just cuz gettin Young ones and it’s New Avangers now. Reading a few other New Avengers related. The little I’ve read from Grant Morrison seems up my alley so will get into that in the future, currently getting All-Star Sups.

  18. Just read the new Batman (one hundred year or something like that) by Paul Pope and it was great!! Thanks for the suggestions, I am definitly going to have to check out the New Avengers.

    I guess I’ll have to slow down on getting new books and hold out some room on my list for the rebooted DC books.

  19. I picked that up, too. Can’t wait to read.

    I’m mad that Ultimate Wolverine VS Hulk didn’t come out.

  20. My Pick of the Month: New Avengers 16. I picked up 15 and 16 because you dudes said it was a good starting point and WHOA NELLIE I love it.

    Daredevil and Powers were really good, too.
    Daredevil continues to rule.

  21. ….New Avengers 16…Really?

    Honestly, really? That was probably the closest New Avengers has gotten to a throw away issue. Okay, Alpha Flight got the shit kicked out of them, but come on…IT was practically 3 dollars worth of watching SHIELD freak out about the Mutant-Amglamation. The month isn’t even OVER yet, so you really can’t declare a ‘pick of the month’.

    Come on man. Unless your pull list was JUST Daredevil, Powers, and New Avengers, there should be more to consider….I mean, come on, Daredevil gave a few shocking, contemplative twists, whereas New Avengers gave us ONE new plot point.


  23. WOW. I’ll post this again when the new PotW is put up, but I really thing for those of you where were big fans of GL: Rebirth, pick up GL #9. I really enjoyed 7 & 8, but 9 has just revived my faith in this book again.

    The new Iron Spidey costume issue was interesting, and they had a very entertaining way with dealing with MJ having a broken arm one issue and then it being fine the next.

    Astonishing X-Men #13 was a nice beginning to the new arc, but there was a LOT of buildup/setup going on here.

    Picked up a few more books, but those were the one that REALLY stood out for me the most right now.

  24. New Avengers #16 gave that feeling that I can only remember having had a few times: the awesome looming threat.
    It’s like this- I can still remember when I first saw the clouds clear up and those massive ships show themselves in Independence Day. I also remember liking that about the massive spaceship armies in the original Authority books.
    I have no idea what this bad guy is, or how they’ll deal with him, and I love that. THEY HAD TO GET THE PRESIDENT ON THE PHONE. HE’S THAT AWESOME. BUSH IS WORRIED.
    I still haven’t finished reading the stuff I bought last week.

  25. I agree entirely with the giant looming threat. That’s good stuff. I dug that issue as well. I’m with the dude.

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