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February 11, 2004 – Gotham Central #16

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GothamCentral16.jpgStory by Ed Brubaker
Art by Greg Scott
Letters by Clem Robbins
Colors by Lee Loughridge

Published by DC Comics | $2.50

Crime never stops.

The Joker may have just shot up a police precinct killing five cops (including a Gotham Central regular) and wounding others, and there may be full dress blue funerals to attend, but crime never stops if you’re in the M.C.U. in a place like Gotham City.

That means it’s back to catching cases.

Sergeant Davies and Detective Crowe are the first out of the gate with a dead girl in a dumpster. On top of trying to find out who killed a 27 year old chemical company accountant, Davies is pissed off that he wasn’t promoted to Lieutenant to replace the squad leader killed by The Joker. He and Crowe also find time to discuss why the United States will sooner see a woman President before one with a beard or a mustache (and certainly not one with a handlebar mustache). Basically, after the previous Sniper Joker arc, we’re back to business.

I love Gotham Central with an unholy love that I usually reserve for the New York Yankees and pretty girls in sundresses. It combines two of my favorite things: police procedurals and the DC Universe, specifically Gotham City.

Honestly, is there a book with a better creative team working on it than this one? Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker write for the realistic and moody art of Michael Lark (who is being spelled this arc by the very capable Greg Scott). It’s like comic book nirvana.

In fact, that’s how they should market the book:

Gotham Central: It’s Comic Book Nirvana

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