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February 2, 2005 – The New Avengers #3

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Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by David Finch
Inks by Danny Miki with Allen Martinez and Victor Olazaba
Colors by Frank D’Armata
Letters by Richard Starkings and Albert Deschesne

Published by Marvel Comics | $2.25

So we’re three issues into the great relaunch of The New Avengers and aside from flashbacks of the fight in the first two issues, there really is no action in this issue. Other than a lot of talking, but luckily that is what Bendis excels at. So we kinda know what to expect.

After the dismantling of the Avengers, of course Captain America is left feeling a bit directionless. Then there is the explosion prison break and an odd grouping of heroes who dealt with the situation. Now in reflecting on it, Bendis does something that really upped my opinion of him, he’s used Marvel’s past as plot point and wrote a plausible reason for Captain America to want to reform the Avengers. He showed respect for what came before and gave it a modern spin. Bravo.

The dialogue, as usual was key. From Captain America’s banter with Spider-Man, convincing him to join the Avengers, to Daredevil respectfully declining the invitation, the dialogue in this issue is really the star of the book. It seems so crazy to read people talking about 40+ super villains breaking out of prison without rolling your eyes, but Bendis makes it work.

Now my only nitpick about this issue is the cover. It’s been a growing issue with me the number of books that come out with a great cover, that has nothing to do with the issue. The Sentry is featured on the cover of this issue, although he’s featured on one page. That’s it. And no dialogue to boot. I just feel like the cover should relate to the issue somehow. But that’s just me.

Captain America has several speeches throughout the issue, and usually I don’t fall for that patriotic crap, but that’s not what this was. This was a hero talking about grouping other heroes together for the greater good. I can’t do anything but stop everything and keep reading, hanging on every word. It’s just that good.

Ron Richards
Looks to comics for inspiration

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  1. God, we are Bendis’ bitch, aren’t we?

  2. Y’know, I like Bendis and most of this book as much as the next guy.

    BUT REALLY, Do we have to have a WHOLE (*)(*#$)’ing page to show – “Look at this building, meanwhile at this building…”. This could’ve been one frame, much like the “Meanwhile at the shuttle construction site” double-page spread in Ultimate FF. That pisses me off.

  3. I always found that Warren Ellis pissed me off by wasting pages like that.

  4. This series for me has been less than desirable. With the little mystery at the end, it has intriqued me to read #4 (but let’s get real i own a comic store i read EVERYTHING)
    I do like how Bendis does a comic with just talking heads, but just not in the Avengers.
    All in all i think i’m just burnt by Bendis’s disdain and mistreatment of the Avengers in the first place.
    Cool site Ron, I hope that i helped out a little with things for you when you came in. I enjoyed the conversation.

  5. I agree with Jason… somewhat. I’m torn because THE AVENGERS was always my Marvel book and this is certainly not the tone that Avengers books have taken in the past. Then again, I hadn’t been reading THE AVENGERS since Geoff Johns left so I’m obviously not that commited to it.

    But let’s face it, the book hadn’t been burning up the sales chart since Busiek and Perez. There’s something to be said for sticking with tradition and something to be said for shaking things up.

  6. Good commments Jason and Conor. The thing about Bendis that I’ve learned the hardway is its about the journey – you can’t pass judgement until the arc or several arcs are finished.

    Look at Ultimate Spider-Man – he didn’t even get in costume for like 4 or 5 issues!

    Thanks for the convo too Jason – your store rocks.

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