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Word Balloon Podcast – The Rucka Debrief Q + A Part 2

Show Notes

On This episode of Word Balloon, it's part 2 of The Rucka Debrief. Writer Greg Rucka talks more about his upcoming novel series for Mullholland Books, Alpha. You'll hear about the digital plans for Greg's Oni books. We also hear about Greg's "passion project," American Soldier with artist Rick Burchett, and we look back at Greg's art collaborators on the Queen and Country comic series, and answer more of your questions.

One word of caution from John . "Being the poltical news junkies Greg and yours truly are, the conversation turned to the coming mid-term elections, not in specifics but the general idea that we live in a highly partisan environment. The discussion came up inspired by a listener asking about where Rucka gets his news. Still, some listeners just want to hear about comics. For those who would like to pass on the political portion of our discussion, skip from 22:18-30:55."



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  1. I would like "American Soldier" to be released now, please.

    Really appreciated the political and process discussions.

  2. I enjoyed part 1 & 2 of Rucka’s interview from beginning to end. Awesome job, John.

  3. I really enjoyed these interviews, especially part one. Never read any Queen & Country, but I’ll probably pick some up now. Like someone said last time, it’s really great to hear how much Rucka cares about these characters. I’ve always liked Rucka alright, but I have a newfound respect for him. In part one he mentioned about how, at times, he was rushed at DC, "and it showed". That too makes me like him more as a writer: I noticed the inconsistency and just thought he was an inherently inconsistent writer. But, no, he was rushed.

    I didn’t mind the politics talk, but my thought is that in general it doesn’t matter so much "where" you get your news from: it’s better to simply cultivate an ability to vet whatever kind of information you receive, wherever it comes from. Every newsperson has prejudices. So often I find that people just choose the news source whose prejudices match their own, or the source that takes the most entertaining pot-shots at the opposition. But once you get a handle on the whole situation (that means examining the failings and duplicitous natures of the whole spectrum of politics), then it doesn’t really matter where you get your news from. Ultimately, you can learn a lot about the workings of politics and media from the way that it’s spun or presented. You can approximate the truth by wondering "What is this newsperson not telling me, whether due to dishonesty or simply due to his/her own self-serving subjectivism?" When you get to that point, you stop thinking of news as a commody ("Where do you get your news?"), a product ("What news do you get?"), or a drug ("I’m a news-junkie"). I think that’s better and less limiting than trying to find a "best" source of news, because depending on the situation all news agencies will have their blindspots due to their own personal ideologies. Hope that makes sense. I’m not criticizing, by the way, just giving my (long, drawn-out) perspective.

  4. Good point Froggulper. I think Greg’s answer ran along the same lines as your post.

  5. i would hate for Greg to be angry with me personally. there’s some fire there 

  6. Awesome, by the way John I never got to thank you for taking a picture of me with Greg Rucka at SDCC, I said "word balloon is awesome" but you were talking to Jen van Meter so I dont think you heard me haha

  7. Thank you John!!

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