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Word Balloon Podcast – The Bendis Tapes Winter 2011 Part 2

Show Notes

In part 2, Brian Michael Bendis answers more fan questions from his JINXWORLD message board, and drops the following news tidbits…

  • Bendis is announcing a new creator owned project at C2E2.
  • Brian Hitch and Bendis have a project in the works for 2012.
  • Spider-Woman will be featured prominently in Avengers #12.1, drawn by Hitch. And wait untill you see Hitch’s take on Spider-Woman in that issue.
  • Bendis is trying to get Romita to stop drawing Jessica Drew’s hair like Snooki from Jersey Shore.
  • On Moon Knight’s move to Los Angeles, Bendis hints there’s already been some LA world building going on to further exploit in Moon Knight, and no that doesn’t mean The Pride from Runaways will be featured.

You'll hear more debate over the $3.99-$2.99 pricing of single issues, and Bendis explains why he'll no longer be part of The Social Network known as Facebook, quoting the wisdom of someone Very Fab. Peace and Love.



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  1. Another great interview. Thank you for getting me by the first half of the work day.

  2. peace & love, john! peace & love.

  3. Awesome stuff guys. So excited for End of Days! 🙂

  4. I don’t read all that much of Bendis but I really enjoy these. The man knows his craft and his medium very well and it’s helpful and entertaining to hear him talk so openly about it. As far as his current stuff I’m digging Scarlet and looking forward to picking up Takio and hoping the Avengers Prime hardcover comes out soon. And as far as the negatives I will chime in with one thing: I absolutely LOVED his run on Daredevil, DD is the character that got me into regular comic reading and is one of my favorites of all time. That being said, I couldn’t believe that the same man wrote DD: Ninja…other than that and aspects of Secret Invasion, I’ve pretty much enjoyed his work and hope to hear more Bendis Tapes.

  5. @MegaPhilip  Re: DD Ninja. If you didn’t know, there’s a reason behind DD Ninja’s weirdness compared to Brian’s other work. The reason is artist Rob Haynes not following Brian’s script. 

    Bendis wrote about it at his message board well before we started doing the Bendis Tapes…

    issue 1 the artist drew the script as he saw fit and all was well. then the following issues he drew whatever he wanted and tried to get me fired from the project. not knowing that i had been offered the job running marvel knights. which, of course, i did not take. 

    when the art came in. the editor and i desperately tried to figure out what he drew and what we could do with it. it was a strange situation. 

    i was excited to work with him and thought he was really talented. but in the end he was one of the very few people i have worked with that it completely did not work for me on any level. 

    if you love it or hate it, and some do like it, i can’t take full credit or blame. they offered me the opportunity ot take my name off of it and i chose not to. it just seemed wrong. 

    they even offered ot have my scripts drawn my someone else as a ninja redux type of thing, but i passed on that as well. 

    but there have been so many scripts of mine that have been propelled to such amazing heights by some amazing people. and i did learn from the experience. 

    Bendis is referring to Rob Haynes, the artist on Daredevil: Ninja.  

  6. @wordballoon  Snap! Did not know that, makes sense though. It definitely didn’t seem like the same writer. Thanks.

  7. There really isn’t any way around the idea that comics cost- what they cost.
    Do they?
    If that were the case there wouldn’t be anyway to roll back prices. – DC especially.

    I would love to see on going sales figures at this point – show me any other industry where lower prices do not translate into increased sales.

    I sympathize with Bendis being in the position that he feels he has to defend Marvel’s business practices, he shouldn’t have to.

    He should just – decline to answer that particular question.


  8. @ericmci  DC also cut two pages off the books, which means lower printing costs, but less to pay artists and writers. So… not REALLY as much of a price roll back as it sounds. I also don’t think it’s going to result in a big bump in sales.

    I think Bendis is telling it like it is — if they had taken a low selling title (say S.W.O.R.D.), and made it $1 less than every other Marvel title — I don’t think sales would have increased much at all. People in this hobby buy what they wanna buy, and they pay for it. He’s not wrong.

  9. @wordballoon thanks, john for that bit of DD: Ninja. i’ve always wondered about that mini. i LOVE Bendis’ DD, but DD: Ninja was night and day from DD. it all makes sense now.

  10. John, new WB title sequence looks great. WB is all about winning.

  11. My Bendis fix for the week.

  12. You guys used my question, so thanks for that. Another great installment, John. Cheers to you and Brian.

    Peace and Love.

  13. Those Pacheco pages Bendis refers to (Marvel Boy becomes the Protector) were amazing.

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