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Word Balloon Podcast – The Bendis Tapes Part 1

Show Notes

On the opening salvo to this season’s Bendis Tapes, we start with a closer look at the new Moon Knight series beginning in May. After a mixed reaction to last week's Marvel press conference, Bendis addresses the initial concerns old time Marc Spector fans have, with the idea that his 3 multiple personalities have doubled to include Steve Rogers, Spider-Man and Wolverine.

We talk about Takio the all ages graphic novel from Brian and his Powers co-collaborator Mike Oeming

On the Marvel movie front, Bendis gives a non detail disclosing thumbs up to the Thor film, and more importantly describes the environment of the meetings with Thor director Kenneth Branaugh. You’ll also hear behind the scenes details of the last Marvel retreat, which was the first led by new Editor-In-Chief, Axel Alonso.

We also get updates on the many TV projects Bendis has in the works. You’ll hear about Powers at FX, AKA Jessica Jones at ABC, and Ultimate Spider-Man at Disney XD.

Finally, we begin to answer question posted at Brian’s Jinxworld message board, which cover big picture topics like the various ways Brian thinks social media has improved the comics fandom -creator relationship.


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  1. Can’t download… “Error: Passed variable is not an array or object, ising empty array instead”

  2. Try it now!

  3. IT LIVES!

    Cheers, time to wander. 

  4. I LOVE me some Bendis Tapes!!!

  5. Awesome! Listening now!

    On a related note, Moon Knight sounds pretty cool but does anyone know how much it’s going to cost once they get past the double-sized first issue?

  6. Still excited about the new Moon Knight

    But my excitement is tamped down a bit by the heavy focus on the multiple personality disorder

    I am hoping for a stronger emphasis on his power set- and his connection to the Moon God

    These are the traits that set him apart from Daredevil or Batman to me these are the things that make him badass
    and badass= sells.

  7. awesome

  8. bendis is ALWAYS a great interview. thanks, john.

  9. go ahead…

  10. in my high school yearbook I was voted  “boy most likely to interrupt” 

  11. lol. seriously, though, you do a great job. just giving you a hard time.

  12. John,

    Do you think you could just talk to me all the time?

    About everything.

    Enrapturing voice.

    Great tapes.


  13. congrats, john for being voted #1 comics podcast by USA Today! you deserve it. iFanboy was voted #3.

  14. @iSpiderMan  Correct.

  15. thanks folks. the next bendis tapes will be presented thursday.

  16. @conor honestly, i feel the #1 spot should be shared with you guys. i’ve tried other comic podcasts and they don’t fit my listening pleasure like you guys. i’m going to try out 11 o’clock comics podcast.

  17. tried listening to 11 o’clock podcast: too much lull. i like the fast-pace of ifanboy podcasts, audio & video.

  18. So late to listening to the podcast. During the Moon Knight segment, did anyone else think “Cowboy, Ninja, Viking” when Bendis mentioned the 3 different personalities that he will use to his benefit?

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