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Word Balloon Podcast – Stuart Immonen Talks FEAR ITSELF!

Show Notes

On this episode of Word Balloon, Stuart Immonen checks in and previews the new Marvel event that he is drawing this April, Fear Itself written by Matt Fraction. The conversation then explores the various art styles Stuart has experimented with through the years. We discuss his early DC work on The Legion of Super-Heroes, his Superman run as an artist and writer, and his 1996 event Final Night with Karl Kessel.

We also update the potential of any new Nextwave material coming from him and Warren Ellis, look back at Shockrockets and Superstar from he and Kurt Busiek, and discuss upcoming new projects with his wife Kathryn.


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  1. Fantastic Interview!!! Would love to hear an interview when the series has wrapped. Can you follow up with one for Kathryn?

  2. I’ll be talking to Kathryn again later in the spring

  3. Thanks for this John. I’m gonna be listening to this at the gym this week. 🙂

  4. My favorite interviewer with my favoirte artist.    My head just exploded.

  5. thanks folks.

  6. Wonderful job as always, John. I’m a huge Stuart Immonen fan so it was awesome hearing an interview with him.

    And thanks for bringing up Superman: Secret Identity, which is very easily one of my absolute favourite comics ever. All the superhero epics in the world can’t stand up to the pure emotional beauty of that book and Start’s gorgeous work on the book was a big part of that. 

  7. For those who are wondering…before my talk with Stuart I did a new interview with gabe hardman, but the sound quality was  pretty bad.

    I’ve been tinkering with it, and will re-release on my WB feed it before the next new episode, but it won’t be here at iFanboy.

    There are more new eps in the pipeline, including more opps for you folk to ask q’s too. details will be posted in the days ahead here at ifanboy.

  8. In the time frame of 1:33m sec

    “instocktrades.com”  said 9 times.

  9. instocktrades.com

  10. @ericmci  that “span of time”  is something we call a “commercial”.

    in the broadcast/podcast biz, usually you’ll hear the name of the sponsor said many times during their ad.

    next week, I’ll explain the difference between left and right. 

  11. @wordballoon  Can you do ‘up vs. down’ too, it’s been getting problematic for me.  😉

  12. @MisterJ  I’m saving the color spectrum for finals week. 😉 

  13. @wordballoon  Damn, I graduated already.  And I failed that part of the exams. 

  14. Free Lesson “Head On. Apply Directly to your forehead”

  15. D’oh! Different head.

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